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Averys Pov

We were driving in the car when we saw aomeone strangly familiar in the car next to us. 'Jack is that...?' He nodded and pulled me close as we stepped out the car.

'Wait who is that?' My sister curiously asked. 'It-its Paige...' Shes heard of me talk about Paige before so I was hoping she would remember.

'Right. You want me to go over there and kick her ass? Cuz I will.' Jack laughed and I giggled. 'No Ash I think Im fine.' I said still laughing until I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around wlowly getting an idea of who it was. Amd unfortunantly I was right. 'Uhm.. Hi.' I said nervously. 'Yea. What were you guys laughing at me for?' She asked sternly.

She grabbed my shirt and pulled me towards her. 'HEY DONT TOUCH HER.'Jack yelled. She laughed and put my shirt down. 'Ha ok. Dont touch her. Ahe backed up and immediantly puched me in the throat.

I fell onto the ground couphing as Jack caught me. I looked up to see my sister hitting Paige and punching her. I couldnt really breath so I decided to close my eyes, and go into my thoughts.

It calmed down my heart rate and I opened my eyes to a crying Jack. 'OH MY HOD AVERY YOUR AWAKE.' He yelled. I looked at him confused and sat up and my sister who seemd to be crying also stood up.

'Where am I?' I asked touching my head. 'Your in the hospital because... Your heart stopped.' Jack quietly said. I nodded and said, 'Wow. One ounch to the throat can almost kill me.'
Jacks Pov

I scooched my chair forward to her bed and held her hands. Ahe was running her fingers through my hair. She kissed my head and I kayed my head on her legs.

'Avery?' 'Yes Jack.' Her soothing voice answered. 'I love you.' She amiled and so did her sister. 'I love you too.' She said back.

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