liam and I had to find a way to get Christine and Harry back together for the twins sake and because the tour wont be the same without my bestfriend if she doesn't go I don't. I am not going to leave Christine here all by herself that's mean. no girl left behind.

"Christine why don't you like Harry anymore," I asked

"He's just a jerk now he's not the sweet, funny guy I fell in love with," she explained

"Well the sweet, funny Harry is still there I just think the twins are too much responsibility for you guys right now I mean you're 19 and he's 20. Hey how about Liam and I take care of the twins while you and Harry have some time to yourselves. lets say a week," I said

"That's a good idea I trust you and Liam with the twins," she agreed

"I hope this works," I told her

"So do I," she said.

"Well you want to pack the twins up and bring them to mine and Liam's place," I asked

"Sure, this will tell you if you and Liam if you guys are ready to have kids," she said

"yea I know that's why I offered to take them," I said

"yea I think you and Liam will make great parents," she said

"really because I think I would make a bad mom," I said

"Alaina, you would make a great mom I saw you take care of the twins when they were at the hospital," she said, " you had so much care in your eyes that's why I trust you with taking care of the twins."

"I still don't think I'm ready to take care of one let alone two kids," I said

"Alaina you'll do fine," she said. she pack the twins bags while I played with them then we headed to mine and Liam's house.

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