Chapter 1

Andrea's POV

This is what I call a bliss. Here I am under the hot sunny beach of California taking us much moments my camera's film can hold. Families hanging in the beach, Even a group of what I call stupid bimbo's having the time of their lives letting their skin burn under the gaze of the sun. My camera's lens took every angle I could get in this damn beach but my camera stopped on a man more like a muscled man with a dark hair that makes you want to hold them and don't forget a pair of piercing green eyes staring at my direction and is walking forward towards where the place I stand wait? what!? the sexy God walking towards me?! He's coming closer and closer and


I opened my eyes and realized it's just a damn dream. My mom is standing at my door pointing a spatula at my face

" Get up Andi! you have school today!Don't be late it's the first day of the semester!

she shouted. As usual hearing her rant first thing in the morning is not surprising

" I tell you waking you up is like waking a damn giant troll!"

and that's how my day started.

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