Chapter 2~ why?

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Maddies pov

I strut out the door in my new pink and purple dance wear. I hop into my aunt Rebecca's silver Honda. I pull out my phone and text my little sister mackenzie I miss her a lot!

I click on her contact mackenzieboo💕

Maddie~ How's dance? I miss you

I place my phone on my lap and wait. Around five minutes later she texts me back.

Mackenzieboo💕~ fine! I miss you!! Have you had you audition?

I reply almost instantly

Maddie~ no but I'll be there in 25 minutes.

Mackenzieboo💕 ~oh cool I gotta go back but text me how you did! Or even better face time me.

I shut my phone off and listen to music in the car.

"Maddie? Worried?" my beautiful almond brown hair with hazel eyes aunt asked

"No not really." I respond

"Oh,But good luck I can't go in. she says

"Ya I know" I say

The rest of the ride is peaceful.

I walk into the huge auditorium. I walk up to a small brown table and claim a number "number 122. oh great." I mumble I just sit there and watch all the talent.

"Ok numbers 110 to 130 please come in" A lady with a blue tee shirt says

I slowly walk into the studio and I spot Kalani Hilliker. "No chance." I sigh.

"Hey maddie Ziegler? right?" kalani asks

"Ya! kalani hilliker?" I ask

"No duh!" she giggles and walks away

I roll my eyes because she can't hurt me I'm gonna win this role in the new tv show. I'm perfect!

I learn the combo and I see kalani in the pro forming room while I'm backstage waiting to preform. Kalani is amazing.

"Ms. Madison you may begin." A nice lady in an orange shirt says. I danced the combo. I honestly think I did better than kalani.

"Rebecca I did so good!" I say bursting into the car

"Very good maddie." she says

"You'll be going home in a week. Ok?" she asks me

"Kk!" I say

I go to Mackenzie's contact I click on it and face time her.

Mackenzie~ how did it go?

Maddie~ fine. You'll never guess who I saw?


Maddie~ oh hey chlo! I miss you

Chloe~ I miss you to!

Mackenzie~ go on with it!


Chloe~ no way!


Mackenzie~ chlo and I have to practice our duet.

Chloe&mackenzie~ bye!

Maddie~ bye

(End of FaceTime)

"Wow I can't believe I'm missing my best friends duet." I complain to myself thoughts running though my head are making me feel guilty.

Chlo and I have to practice our duet


Oh cool I gotta go back but text me how you did or even better FaceTime me

How a bad friend am I and a sister

End of chapter


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