Chapter 2:Suprises

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me and izzy walk into 1st period and...

W- Mikel?!?!

M- Wendy!!!

he runs to hug me.what do I do?Do I return the hug cuz I missed him,or do I push him away cuz he ignored me?


I return the hug because I really did miss him.

M-I missed you

I break out of the hug.

W-then why didnt you talk to me the whole summer.

M- I ...I needed time.

W-time for what

He never got to answer cuz the teacher walked in.

T- alright students have a seat with a partner.

I walk away from Mikel to go sit with izzy.We take a seat in the middle of the class.Behind us is a really cute boy sitting next to an empty seat.Mikel sees me sitting there so he takes the free seat behind us.

He starts whispering my name,I just ignore him.Since it's the first day we go around saying our name and some stuff we like to do.

When it's my turn I say my name is Wendy and I like to rap,play basketball,and read.

Izzy says she likes to play basketball,eat,and party.

I didn't see that coming,but maybe she'll try-out for the basketball team with me.

I basically ignore Mikels cuz I know everything about him.But I subconsciously listen to the guy sitting behind us.

???-my name is Dwyane.

Dwyane?!?! I LOVE that name!

Dwyane- I like to play basketball and football.And I like listening to music.

Football ewww.Other than that he's like my dream guy.

As I'm daydreaming the rest of the class has their turn.I snap out of it when the teacher gives us an assignment.Mikel starts whispering my name again.I'm starting to get a little mad.I'm just gonna keep ignoring him and you know what I'm gonna talk to "Dwyane".

I turn around and smile at Dwyane.I then ask him for a pencil.I have a pencil but I wanted to do a little flirting in front of Mikel.

After a pretty longggg class full of flirting and whispering.

As I'm walking out I see Mikel walking over to me, I quickly walk out with Izzy.

Our next class is...Home economics.Stephen comes out of his class and I notice him walking with Mikel.

I hear them calling my name but I just ignore it.

Izzy- you need to talk to him.

Wendy- you don't know whats going on.

Izzy- I don't but I can tell he cares about you.

Wendy- I know but...

I didn't get to finish she grabbed my arm and forced me to stop.

They caught up to us quickly.

S- didn't you hear us?

W- I did.

M- why didnt you stop?

W- I didn't want to.

I- wendy stop being rude

W- I'm not the rude one here.

M- I'm sorry Wendy I really am.

S- just forgive him you know you want to.

The truth is I really do want to.

W-fine but don't do that again.

M- I wont, I'll text you everday.

I- now that everything is cleared up I'm Izzy(reaching her hand out towards Mikel)

M-(excepting the handshake with a smile)Mikel

W- Whats your next class Mikel.


W-we have that too.

Mikel turns around.

M- Why is that Dwyane guy following us?

We all turn around casually.

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