Chapter 10

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Elizabeth's ( p.o.v)

I looked at john , and he winked at me . Well well well someone obviously doesn't learn from experience . Tsk tsk . I left James's side and up to confront him "why? "

"Why what "he had a smug attitude , ugh I wanna slap the hell out dis fucker . Grrr I'm cursing again mother flipper yo , I'll get it in control .

"Why do you try your luck? Why don't you leave me alone ?"

He thought bout this for a moment then what he said next took me by surprise "I'm your guardian , I can't leave you , you're stuck with me until I or you die . And I test dangerous waters because you are perfect , innocent, and precious . You must be protected , I must fight with your mate to see if he can protect you , but you must let him , if he wins then I know he'll be able to protect you . " hmmm interesting I thought

"So why don't you challenge the alpha ?" He looked at me then smirked and winked . Oh hell no this mother flipper is using my move "fuck you " I muttered then he laughed

"It's more fun when he feels threatened "

"Yeah until he beats your ass and makes you regret fucking with me " I smirked and winked at him , aye fire likes to play with fire . He just chuckles and continues to walk . Were in the schools hospital , they all nod and bow with fisted palms over their hearts . It's weird but they don't bow to James even tho he da alpha of hmm I'll have to ask him. Oh haha I found out Jake is a werewolf he just is a gamma and can only shift . That's why he smelled human to me because he doesn't have a wolf .

Finally getting out da dam hospital we are walking around schools campus and look at dis bitch walking (more like twitching ) her skinny ass over to Jake and James . I growl lowly watchin as to see if she's a slut or a smart dress skimpy girl . She's fake died you can see the red on her roots no dark red like my tips but a orangey red . She has green eyes , dark green eyes , pink lips thin but all and all she's pretty . Now a white sports bra looking crop top that says "eat me " and a mini skirt black and white with black stilettos . Anyways she walks .... No twitches her way to my boys she puts a hand on James and looks at Jake . Now all the girls are over here with me , well all but one came voluntary . It was kinda funny to see Jules get dragged by kaitlyn because Jules was staring at the fake blondes ass . Jake starts talking and I tune in .

"Hello " she smiles at him

"Hi sexy who's your friend ?" Her voice is kinda squeaky but still normal sounding I guess .

"My name is James and this is Jake now we need to go . " he went to leave and Jake follow but she grabbed ahold of him and turned him around James bumping into Jake and he fell a little ways to the left . She payed no attention to Jake , zilch none , nu uh zero . Now why I put up with this so far you might ask ? If not I don't give a fuck but if you do it's because my friends find it hilarious to hold me back while this blonde fake at that bimbo flirt with my man .

"Who so soon ? Are you new ? I can help you have a easier day , help with anyyyy stresss" oh hell no Pushed and shoved but even john was holding me . "Fuck you guys " I glared at them .

"Naw I got a girl , she's mine , and I couldn't be happier " I calmed down and melted , he claimed me as his and told dis slut he couldn't be happier . She glared in my direction and then smirked . She got closer to him wrapped her arms around his neck and if I blinked I would've never seen her kiss him . I growled so loud the ground shook "get the fuck off what's mine bitch " I didn't even notice I had da bitch by the throat up in the air . Like literally we are in the air , wind going miles per second whipping up trees dirt dust garbage cars name it it's up here chillen . Her face got a little blue and red . Ha my favorite colors , anyways my hair was up and I looked into her dark green eyes right into her soul. Replaying every sleepy fuck but we started from the beginning . I found out she was hurt destroyed and grew to liking the reputation. In a swift movement I cleaned her thoughts all the memories and hurt to happy ones . Then I blinked and she was standing in front of James eyes wide at me her hand still on his arms as he finishes saying something bout me , with Jake on the floor muttering something about James being a woman's eye candy . "Fuck dat was scary " I mumbled the blonde bitch took her hand off James never breaking eye contact with me , he looked at me too and smiles but then growled when he saw john holding me . She ran and was in front of me in two seconds . Tears I'm her eyes then she hugged me , I squirmed as she said thank you thank you thank you . I looked at her and smiled she walked off campus and into her car .

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