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Verse 1

Ever feel like life isn't worth living

Just stopped for a minute

For a minute

And realise that you can't take it anymore

You gotta fix your tear

Don't try to start again

Because you can't


Take the knife

away from your skin

Take a deep breath

And sing


There is a solution

To everything

There are people

Who can carry you home

When you are down

Sing along and just smile

Throw your hands in the air

Because your not scared

There is a solution

To your pain so there

Verse 2

Don't kid yourself

You need help

Don't be afraid to tell

Somebody about it

You can't keep blaming your cats

Your scratches are really bad

You can't keep saying you got something in your eye

Because we know that's a lie

(Hook and chorus)

Verse 3

Hold on

It's not the end

Don't cry

It's your chance

Chance to be whatever you be

Raise your bottles please

With me

Don't give up yet!

(Hook and chorus)

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