Adelaide's Point of View

"Can you come inside with me? Michael really wanted to apologize to you. I don't expect you to accept it, but I do think it would be nice for you to hear," I suggested.

Calum drummed his stubby fingernails against his steering wheel. His jaw was clenched tightly with nerves. We were sat outside of the floral shop in Calum's car. He had offered to drive me today since it was raining cats and dogs outside and he didn't want me to have to walk in the rain. Cue the sappy rom-com music.

He swallowed, the sound of his gulp echoing throughout the vehicle. Calum twisted the keys in the ignition, turning the car off. It surprised me. "Fine. I'll hear what he has to say and then I'm leaving."

I smiled widely, unbuckling my seatbelt and racing around the sedan to get to the driver's side, just so I was able to hold his hand. "I'm really proud of you," I told him happily, intertwining our fingers as I pushed against the glass door to Fabulous Florist.

Luckily, the store was completely baron with no customers around to give him any glares and make him regret his decision of coming inside. I led my boyfriend towards the backroom, where Lucy, Michael and Eric were all sat around the metal table, working on some more baskets and centerpieces.

My eyes immediately were drawn to Michael's arm draped across Lucy's shoulder, just as everyone else's gaze was on Calum. I couldn't help but squeal at the sight of them together though, almost forgetting about bringing Cal inside.

"Hey guys," I greeted politely, tightening my grip on Calum's palm. "Um, Michael did you still want to talk to Calum?"

He nodded, his blue-green eyes glistening with fear. Mikey's face was no longer swollen, which I was grateful for. He stood up, untangling himself from the redhead and approaching the two of us. "Yeah, so um I'm really sorry for not believing you. I was a really crappy friend. Addy opened my eyes to this but I should have trusted you years ago. I'm really sorry for not being there for you like I should have been and for wrecking our friendship. I deeply regret it and again, I'm truly sorry."

Calum's brown irises flickered from me to Michael. He weakly smiled at him and seemed utterly distraught on how to respond to his lengthy apology. "Um, okay? I'm sorry for punching you a few days ago. I hope it didn't hurt too bad."

Mikey chuckled, raising his palm to feel the lower portion of his face, rubbing against the small bit of scruff on his jawline. "It's all good. Addy was just trying to help me finally get a girlfriend."

I grinned, letting out yet another squeal of happiness. "Aw you two are actually together! That's so cute! Oh my God, you guys are so cute. I'm literally going to puke you are too cute. Aw."

Lucy giggled, wading over towards us as well and wrapping her arms around Mikey's waist. I felt like a proud mother. "Thanks, Addy. Um, so you didn't kill Ellie?" She asked awkwardly, her voice wavering with fear as if she was unsure on how to word it.

"No. I would never do that. We were hit by a drunk driver but the jerk pulled a hit and run and was never identified," Calum assured her. Lucy nodded, her mouth forming a slight o shape.

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