I never had any form of self control. 

I gave in too easily and said yes to everything, even when I shouldn’t have. 

That was always my problem, and despite it always causing some type of trouble, I never did anything to stop it.

You could say I was constantly denying my problems and always creating excuses as to why I didn’t need to stop.

But I guess that was because I would never have imagined that my lack of self control could land me in this kind of predicament.

Here I was, sitting in a jail cell of a police station, waiting for someone to come and pick me up.

My head pounding, my body numb, and my eyes continuously shutting, ready to bring my sleep-deprived body to rest. 

Events from the past few days flashed through my mind and gave me twitches.

Cary come with us.He had said, mesmerizing me as he always did. I knew I shouldn’t have. I just couldn’t say no to him.

“Just one more drink.” I had said to myself, a little more than tipsy after a few glasses of vodka. I couldn’t resist the tempting liquor. 

“Just one more smoke.” I had promised myself after I finished half the pack of Marlboros. I was going to stop, just not tonight.

“Just one more song.” We had all said as the clock struck midnight, and I was too far from a sober state of mind to say no.

All those “just one more”s has turned into just twenty more, and by the time the police came, I could barely remember my own name. 

After sobering up, it was hard to believe I ended up here… Ending up drunk and high at a police station at three in the morning. 

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