Chapter 12- We'll Get Through This

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I held Niall in my arms, all I could hear from him was the sound of sorrow. I heard him sob and sob and sob, I felt his teardrops land on the bare skin of my arm. I was trying to think of ideas to try and cheer him up. Suddenly, I heard Anna in my head again. “Through the Dark” she said. I was really confused, what did she mean? I heard it again. “Through the Dark” she said again. Wait a second…that’s a song by One Direction. That’s the only song I know the words to, thanks to Lily. Maybe…she wants me to sing it? Well, my voice sucks, but it’s worth a shot. I took the tempo very slowly as I started swaying with him. “You tell me that you’re sad and lost your way. You tell me that your tears are here to stay. But I know you were only hiding, and I just wanna see you” I sung. I heard him stop crying, he just froze and didn’t make another sound. I continued singing the rest of the song, I almost brought myself to tears singing it, this song does relate to Niall right now. After I finished singing it, I pulled away and looked into his eyes. He was still crying, but his sadness in his eyes had faded. He took a deep breath and looked back at me. “Can I just say something?” he asked. “Sure, what?” I asked. “You have one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard” he asked. I felt myself blushing again, for some reason now, I find myself blushing every time he says something to me. “Thanks” I said. “Did…did you really mean that?” he asked. “What?” I asked. “Like the song said…you’ll always be there for me when I’m down, and we’ll always get through everything?” he asked. I smiled. “Yeah…I will be, and we will always get through it” I said. He started smiling, I saw his face turn red too. “You know…I may have only known you for a day…” he began. Suddenly, I felt something in my hands. I looked down, both his hands were in mine. He closed his fingers in the gaps between mine, I looked back up at him. “But I trust you and care about you as if I’ve known you since we were young” he said. I smiled and looked down at the picture of him and Anna. “How long ago was that taken?” I asked. “A couple of months ago, on her 9th birthday” he said. I looked back up at him. “I’m so…so…sorry” I said. I felt a tear fall down my face, he let go of one of my hands and wiped my tear away. “Alright, let’s stop being depressed for now and focus on finding the asshole who took my sister from me” he said. I laughed. We searched online to find a complete map of the area of Shannon. We printed it out and laid it out across the bed. “Ok, so where are the possible areas he could be hiding out?” he asked. “Well, you’d think he’d be in an isolated area, away from people” I said. Suddenly, I heard Anna again. “He’s leaving in 2 weeks, he is isolated, an open, clear area” she said. Suddenly, Niall’s eyes widened. “What was that!?” he asked. “What?” I asked. “I heard…a girl” he said. “Yes Niall, you can hear me now. When I choose to, you can both hear me…it’s nice to hear from you again Niall” she said. Niall’s face lit up, he smiled. “Anna…it’s really you?” he asked. “Yes Niall, it’s me, I’m the one that sent Rae to you…she’s never lied for 1 second since she’s met you” she said. Niall looked at me. “Thank you” he said. I smiled, having just gotten a surge of faith that we’ll find him.

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