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"Where am I, and what happened here" said Kyasu. "You looked at a full moon and turned into a Great Ape" said Goku. "I did, wow, I can't believe that I did all of this damage, too bad I can't remember" said Kyasu. "Goku, since we're awake, can we start training again, I want to get stronger and be able to defeat tough enemies" said Kyasu. After that they started training, the rest of the gang found them. "Goku, where have you been, you left me at the house all by myself and you didn't even tell me" said ChiChi. "Hey, take it easy on him ChiChi, he just saved the planet" said Krillin. "Oh, who was the threat this time, Cell, Baby, The Saiyans" said ChiChi. "Well actually he did save the world from a saiyan" said Krillin. "Ah please Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Goten, Bulla, and Pan are the only saiyans left, how can there be another one" asked ChiChi. They tell her that Kyasu had found the dragonballs and asked to return them back to life and to become a saiyan. ChiChi then asks Kyasu how does he know about the saiyans, and he tell her that there's a statue of Goku at the world tournament and he heard stories about the saiyans from his mother, who heard it from her great grandfather Goku Jr. Shocked to here about Goku Jr, Goku tells them that Goku Jr is his great-great grandson, and it turns out that Kyasu is Goku's great-great-great-great-grandson. Goku wondered why he wasn't able to be a saiyan and he gets a telepathic message from the now old Kibito-Kai. "Goku he must've not been able to be a saiyan because you and Vegeta were the only full-blooded saiyans left, and married a human giving you hybrid saiyans, as the blood line went further down they became more human than saiyan and thus leaving the saiyans nonexistant" said Kibito Kai." "Wow, I never really thought about that, thanks Kibito Kai" said Goku. "No problem" said Kibito Kai. "So it's true, I really am part saiyan, and now I'm fully saiyan, that's awesome" said Kyasu. "Well since you're a saiyan, you must know about the super saiyans, right" asked Goku. "What's a super saiyan" ask Kyasu. "What, he's saiyan blood, but he doesn't know about the legend of the super saiyan, this is ridiculous, and he calls himself a saiyan" said Vegeta. "Well I'll tell you that later, but first, I'm going to need to take you somewhere to unlock you potential" said Goku. "Where will that be" ask Kyasu. And Goku tells him The Hyperbolic Time Chamber

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