Chapter 14

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Samantha's POV :

So right now I was saying my goodbyes to them since they were leaving for the next leg of their

tour. I was trying to hold back my tears when I was saying goodbye. I hugged Rydel, rocky, riker,

Ellington and then Ross was last. I gave him a hug, without realizing I did. We pulled away and

I looked down not wanting to look in his eyes. I helped them pack their tour bus. Then was heading

for the door repeating the line " if he doesn't come after you, keep walking " I said it about to 3

times. Then I heard some one shouting my name " Sam. Please wait " I stopped, turned around

and saw Ross running towards me . " what " ... " I don't want things to end like this "..." Then

how did you want it to end. We kiss , make up and get married. Ross no you lied to me and I

can't just come running back to you after that. " I said with him coming closer. He crashed his

lips onto mine. Pulling me close... We pulled away " I'm sorry Ross but this is goodbye "

And with that I closed my door.

I cried which seemed like forever. I can't believe I lost the one I loved. He lied and I can't just

come crawling back to him. I wish I never went skating that day. I wish I never even went on

that stupid trip. It would've made everything better. I wouldn't be crying and we would of never

been together. I guess I should've known that fairytales don't happen. There's never a happy

ending, is there ?

I plop down on my bed, looking through old text messages with me and him. I miss that.....

Ross's POV : No no no no no. I can't believe it. I just lost her. Like that even. I'm so stupid,

I'm an idiot, a jerk, a dick, a dumbass for everything that I've just done. I've lost the one I loved

the most. I need to get her back. I can't lose her. I just can't....


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