Peer Pressure

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Verse 1

No, I will not

Just stop, Trying to

Take away your mournful cries

Take away your sinister smile

Just leave me alone


Running around

But there is no sound

Just running around

But nothing is found


Stop peer pressuring me

Stop trying to control me

I hope that's okay

But I seriously hate

Your mind games

Trying to take me

But guess what

I'll never be free

Verse 2

I see behind that twisted smirk

Across your face

I can see pain

Written all over your face

It says it in your eyes

Your cruel beady eyes

Yes I see in your eyes

Thousand lies

[hook and chorus]

Verse 3

Split my soul

Into million pieces

Take the toll

And create whatever you please

Just please don't hurt me

Just please

Leave me here to die

And maybe cry

[Hook and chorus]

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