Magic and Mayhem

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A pool of blood started to form around him as he fell to the floor. "no! You cant do this!" I screamed , "you cant leave, not now. You saved me." as he took his last breath I knelt down to the boy who had been there for me , and had saved me more than once and in so many different ways.
I brushed his hair out of his golden eyes and kissesd his lips. I had wanted to for so long but now, when finally given the chance, I wouldn't get to know whether he felt the same ...but it was too late now. Too late for Peter to know what he really ment to me. Peter may have been evil , manipuating , fearsome, and a dictator to all the lost boys ... and everyone else, but to me that was only the surface to Peter and there was a lot i dont know and never would.
I turned back to face the person who had done this to him, tears streaking down my face, I was in hysterics. I screamed at them "HOW COULD YOU! I thought you cared enough about me to know that after all this time, when you finally killed him. When You finally got what you always wished for. It wouldnt have brought you any happiness because you've been trying to get rid of him for so long , and now what ? What are you going to do with the rest of your life?
And Don't start thinking that I'll be apart of it , I want nothing to do with you. When Peter first told me of all the horrible things you've done, I refused to believe him,i thought he was manipulating me,,, in fact I actually made excuses for you and why you would of done the things you did, but know I know your reprehensible. You never cared about me or anyone, you're malice blinded to everyone and everything around youI was no longer crying, the hatred I had for this man continued to grow with every second and each word which was said to him, was done so with venom and hostility. I took knife from Peters hand that he was desperately clutched to, I pointed it at Hook, then spoke in an almost whisper so that only he would hear me; " leave Neverland and never return! You got what you came for, you have no reason to stay. If you ever return the second you step one foot on Neverland I won't Hesitate to kill you " he looked shocked because I had never spoken to my father like that but then again I never knew what he was capable of, neither of what I was capable of doing. i smiled to myself . Pan was right , we are the same.
He just stood there, with a smug grin on his face as if he didnt care that I was mad at him, then again he used me to get to Peter. Why should I have thought that for one moment in my life, that he actually cared about me .
I was sick of this, sick of him never being there when it mattered and after the last year, you would of though that we would of bulit some bridges. No. My father is what he has always been and nothings going to change that; a cold blooded, selfish, devious, monster .
With Peters knife in my hand, I ran at my father ready to stab his black heart and all of a sudden he pulled out his sword just in time to block my attack, the blades sparked at contaced with each other. "Oh Raven, you should know you can't beat me, I taught you everything you know. I know your technique, I know what your thinking. We are of the same blood and our blood binds us to one another. You are as much as a part of me as I am of you . "
My father was right he did teach me how to fight and he is apart of me, but it wasnt him that taught me to climb, to read or write, to survive, and was it him who taught me how to fly. With a single happy thought, I was in the air and had the upper hand.
"Oh father do come up and join me " I taunted at my father. You see he had never been able to fly and I knew it. For years he tried but his years of searching left him empty and resentful, no glimmer of happiness remained.
i perched on the masr and watched my father become infuriated,
"BAD FORM " he shouted up to me .
"BAD FRORM, BAD FORM , you want to tell me about bad form , after years of me trying to get in contact with you and come and see you, you finally let me after 15 years!! , i was ready to give up on you i had accepted that you didnt want me as a daughter , and when you finally said yes i was extatic i was finally going to meet my father. You decieved me from the first words you spoke to me, you used me to get close to Peter only so i could be apart of yourr plan , too have me bring him here, only so you could trick me , trap US and kill the one i love.
Your a coward, always have been , for once in your life face what you're afraid of,,, cme and face me !

his eyes showed anger, fear and deturmination. He placed his sword inbetween his teeth and bit down. He went over to the edge of the ship, grabbed hold of a near by rope with his one hand and used his hook to cut the one holding it in place, he swung through the air onto the mast to meet me . The thing about my father is that he never backed down from a fight.
" i see the old dog still has a few tricks " usually i would never have taunted him , but that was before he killed Peter.
he took his sword from his mouth and smiled at me as he walked closer, he raised his sword and swung it toward me , i steped back as soon as i realised but the blade was already to close and cutt my cheek,i grimace and closed my eyes as the pain went through my body i clutched the side of my face. (why did this hurt so much, it was only a cut) this proved my own father wasnt afraid to kill me, he continued to walk toward me striking the air as he did so . i sliced into my fathers sword , as he did into mine , each movement between us was filled with loathing for one another , but as long as i could fly , Hook had no way if competing with me as he couldnt fly .

Hook's POV
Ravens been a nucience since the day she arrived , and there's no way i can beat her were equal opponents and whilst she can fly she has the advantage ,,,, what does it take to fly ? Faith, Trust , Pixie Dust, yes thats all good and well but with out a happy thought you cant go a miler meter off the ground . instantly i knew how i could beat her, all i had to do was get rid of her happy thought,
Raven i cried out , the tables were about to turn and in my favour .
do you remember how your mother died ?
How she was driving too fast and crashed because YOU had wondered off and she was looking for you ?
she died because of you !! and she isnt the only one who has died because of you , what about peter he died trying to save , your the cause of some one death , because of your own selfishness . how does that make you feel , to be a murdera !?

Ravens POV
Hooks right , everything he said was true and i knew it , and if it wasnt for me going off she wouldnt have been driving fast and crashed...
each of hooks words peirced me like millions of tiny arrows with the tips coated in poision.
he had realeased a part of me i desperatly tried to hide and lock away. but now everyone knew and i would never be able to hide it again .
shouting woke me from my daze, it was the lost boys i could barley see them from how far up i was and the tears in my eyes but it looked like they were flapping their arms about ," fly raven , fly " what were they on about ? then out of the corner of my eye i saw a hook come towards me , te lost boys , they were trying to warm me about hook and to fly away.... but it was too late now. hook had knocked me unconshious and now i was hurdaling towards the ships deck .landing with a thud , waking up moments later i realised i must have brused every bone in my body and possible broken some . with every muscle aching , i turned onto my back to see Hook's sword at my throat as i lay defenceless on the ships deck
" Give up girllll"

 please keep reading , i promise you my writing improves as the story develops . the story will now go back to before Raven met Pan the story is how they got to this stage and then maybe a little more after this bit . xx

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