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Where am I getting myself involve to? Should I even be here?

I just stare at him while he was busy thinking of whatever it is. Until he faced me.

"This isn't the right place." he said as walk towards me and pulled me up my bed.

"Wait. Wait. Then where is that right place?" I pulled out from his grip.

"My house." he answered. Looking at me intently as if I was already backing out.

"My mom would be here not long from now. What do you think will she do if she arrived and she found out that I'm nowhere to be found?" I told him not as a question but as a statement he isn't supposed to answer.

"I'll take care of that." he pulled me again. And I struggled away.

"What do you mean by "you'll take are of that?" I put my hands on my waist. This is ridiculous. He is ridiculous. I'm starting to get annoyed.

"I can do things far from impossible. Don't need to worry about that." he is still as calm as ever.

I wonder how he could retain that composure? I must asks his secret.

I don't know what he meant by that. I don't know how and what he would do by taking care of things. Things are already far from reality and I need an answer. All I have to do right now is to......

"Trust me." Yeah. that's right. Trust him. I quizzically look at him. Were my worries to obvious to him? " Don't think too much, you'll need to reserve that later." and then he grip my wrist again and he led me out of my room, downstairs and out of the house wordlessly. I no longer complain. There's no use after all.

"Why did we went through the door?" I asked him. I was wondering..

"What do you mean by that?" he answered my question with a question.

"Well, whenever you appeared in my room, you disappeared without even using the door. Or the window." That's the question that bothers me. I thought a while ago that we will just vanish into thin air, like what he always do, but to my surprised, we walked through the door, and the other.

He chuckled at my question. Why? Is there something wrong with my question? Was it funny?

"Secret." he said while still laughing. And then he wink at me. My heart.

"Atleast tell me! I was hoping that.. oh nevermind." I stop when I finally thought that yeah, it was funny. In my case, in the case of normal people it is funny. But in his case, with whatever he is, it's not.

We stopped walking when we reach the park, I thought it is the right place he was telling me, but no. I saw the sparkling black porsche carrerra under the shadows of the tree with a slight image of the moon towering it at the other side. We went there and get in and we drove away.

All through the way, my head was just leaned into the window. I was thinking of the things that I was about to know. Will those things change the feelings I have for this wonderful guy beside me? Will I ever be afraid? I promised myself that no matter what, I won't be afraid. I won't.

We drove in silence. I don't know where is his place. But I know that we're going to a place far far from my house. I wonder what his place look like. Is it big? Or whatever. I was so lost in thought that I remember that I was only wearing pajamas. I don't have anything underneath it. Oh my goodness. I felt the heat rising up again. It burns my face. Wha... What was I thinking!

"What's the matter?" I slowly faced Steven. I'm thankful that it's so dark that he wouldn't be able to see my face. Or anything not worth seeing.

"No...nothing. I was just wondering what time is it?" Phew! Atleast I didn't stutter.

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