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‘She avoids me,’ I think, watching as the girl quickly dashes past me and out of the room. I mimic her frightened  expression quickly before going back into the shadows of my home. Looking over when she steps back in, I blink when I see her carrying a knife.

“You are not real,” she breathed as I copied her every move.

I am real,’ I thought, ‘are you?’

“Does this hurt you?” she asked, making a small incision on her palm, “Can you feel this?” I inwardly rolled my eyes as I did the same thing with my own knife,

Stupid girl, pain is but a feeling.’

She paused, scrutinizing me,

“I wonder,” she mused, placing the tip of the knife in the center of my neck and dragging it down lightly, making a hairline scratch on the glass.

Idiot! Does she even know what she is messing with?’ my anger must have shown on my face for she stopped, staring at me in horror,

“Y-You're not me… are you?” she asked, beginning to tremble in fear as she backed away. I growled, figuring that I’d been caught.

“Stupid girl,” I hissed, stepping out of the glass walls that confined me, “You wanted to play with the mirror? You wanted to see me? Then I will appear.” My voice wasn’t human, though who in the world would expect it to be?

“W-What are you?” she whimpered, holding the knife in front of her. Ah, what was I?

‘What an obvious question, so cliché.’

Why, how can you forget?” I smirked, becoming a mirror image of the girl in front of me, “I am you.” Her grip on the knife tightened as I shrugged, shifting back, “Fine human, I will tell you. I am a Reflection.” She dropped her knife, scooting away from me once more,

“Reflections aren’t real, they aren’t alive,” she whimpered. I rolled my eyes,

“We are very much alive obviously.” She curled in on herself, quietly sobbing as I sighed in boredom.

“W-Why are you here?” the girl asked, taking a quick glance at me. I shrugged,

“Let me give you a quick history lesson, girl. Reflections used to roam freely on the Earth with all of the spirits. When humans came, you all were quite a nuisance, but we found something that could feed us and kill you!” I reached out and tugged on the girl’s hair, “You humans possessed Youth, something the Reflections feasted on.”

“Y-You stole their youth?” she asked. I glared at her, making her flinch back in fear,

“Quiet while I am speaking human. Yes, we ate their Youth. At first, we just gutted them, easily stealing the Youth from their souls, but then we started running out. So the Reflection King made a plan; we would allow the humans to gaze upon themselves, and we would slowly steal their Youth as they did so, giving us plenty of humans to feed from. That is how you humans get old, the longer you live, the less you look at yourself.

“Isnt it stupid to tell me all of this?” the girl asked quietly. I shrugged,

“Most likely, I am talking to a corpse.” She froze,

“W-What?” I smiled, my fangs sharpening,

“Unfortunately you were a rather vain human; even as a toddler you would admire yourself in the mirror. All of that adds up don’t you know.” I reached out a claw and set it on her heart, “It is time for you to die now.” She backed away,

“NO! I don’t want to die!” she screamed. I rolled my eyes as I sucked out what little of her Youth she had left, watching as her eyes became dull and lifeless as she fell to the ground. Sighing, I walked out through the window, blinking away raindrops that fell into my eyes,

“We Reflections never get full,” I said quietly, searching for a free human, “We never grow old, we cannot be killed, we are always searching for food.” I set my sights on a small child splashing in the rain puddles. I slithered over and took his form as I slipped into the puddle, “We are always someone else.”

My Reflection creatures and the story belong to me so no copywriting!

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