Chapter 9 "Unexpected Visitor"

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Jofel's POV

I woke up early cause I'm gonna have to fetch Bianca, so I took a very quick bath, brushed my teeth and wore my uniform, I sprayed a lot of perfume cause I know girls love it when boys smells good. I went down the kitchen and "Good morning, Maria breakfast done?" I asked, "Sir,here you go, uhmmm you have classes today?" Maria asked, what?! Is she that old to forget, today is Friday of coarse we have classes. I laughed at her then kissed her goodbye, "Hey Mark lets go to Bianca's house faster cause were gonna be late!" I said, Mark is so confused and I don't know why , I ran off the car and brought with me the breakfast Maria made for us it smells really good.

After 15 minutes we reached her house, I saw her dad throwing trashes and I guess he saw me too, he smiled at me and asked "Why came here so early? You have school today?" Mr. Matangga asked, why do they keep on asking me that question? Its friday today so naturally we do have classes, oh wait yesterday was friday ......... "Its a saturday right?" I asked, Bianca's father laughed so hard and I was a bit embarrassed "Yes yes its a saturday, but since your here come inside and spend your day with us." He said, I took the breakfast at the car, "Mark, why didn't you tell me today's a saturday?" I said, "How can I ruin your excited mood Sir?" He said and so I laughed.

After getting the foods I want inside Matangga's house, Bianca's mom looked surprised when she saw me, "Here Ma'am I brought breakfast for us to eat." I said and gave her the meal she smiled and said thanks. "Good morning Pepet, why are you here? Are we gonna play?" JP asked this kid is just too cute with that messy hair maybe he just got off his bed, "Yes we're gonna play today, but first you've got to have your energy so eat your breakfast" I said, and gave him a slight tickle in his belly. After a minute more Bianca finally went out of her room, her hair is still wet and I bet she's not yet combing them, she's wearing a purple dress, she looks so simple yet so pretty. "Good morning mom sorry for coming down late, is breakfast ready? Oh?" Bianca said and saw me smiling at her "hello pretty" I said "What are you doing here? And why are you wearing our school uniform?" She asked, but instead of answering her I just smiled at her and escorted her to her seat and offered her the breakfast Maria made. She kept on staring at me its a little bit embarrassing so I just smiled at her and then she looked away. "Pepet, I'm done lets go and play in my room!!" JP said and grabbed my uniform forcing me to come up and play with him so I go and went up with him, he's so hyper active. We played all day long and finally he got tired "Pepet read this story for me" JP said,when I read the title of the book it was "Peter Pan" I smiled and read the story to him I love this story so much 'cause my mom used to read this for me too. As I finished reading I looked at JP and as what I expected he was already asleep, I got tired too so I laid down beside JP and ughhh ....

Bianca's POV

Uhmmm so today is a saturday though I don't have classes today I still have to wake up early to help mom preparing our breakfast but I woke up late I was suppose to wake up at 5:30 but I woke up at exactly 6:00 so I told mom tow wait for me I'll just take a quick shower. Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you been there all along so why can't you see you belong with me, I sing along with Taylor Swift's song well I love her so much you know, okay after having my live concert at bathroom I went to my closet and got the purple dress I wear every time cause its my favorite.

"Good morning mom sorry for coming down late, is breakfast ready? Oh?" I asked and got really surprised seeing Kyle sitting and having a chitchat with mom, what is he doing here,and why is he wearing uniform? "hello pretty" he said and I swear I felt my cheek turned red what is wrong with him? "What are you doing here? And why are you wearing our school uniform?" I curiously asked but he just smiled at me and offered me breakfast. I can't stop myself from starring at him he really looks hot and so handsome I think he's every girls dream guy, oh gosh he caught me starring t him, he gave me a charming smile and my heart stopped for a second what's with that smile of him?! Then JP finished his food and forced Kyle to go up and play with him and because JP is pulling Kyle's polo he can't say no, so he carried my brother at his back and pretended to be a horse they looked so cute together! When I lost their sight I continued eating my food.

"Is there something your not telling me Bianca?" Mom asked suspiciously I was expecting her to ask that question "Oh mom he's just a good friend of mine no love attached promise" I answered, "Make sure its just that cause I don't want my princess to fall in love with that guy he looks nice but he's got that good looking face so I bet he's a playboy!" Dad suddenly talked and I don't know when did he came in, I teased my dad a little and the three of us end up laughing at ourselves.

Time passed by so fast and its almost lunch time we only have ingredients for sinigang (Filipino Food) so I cooked it, while cooking I can't stop thinking about him. His cold deep voice, his black hair, his laughs, especially his smile ugh he is the cutest wait what? Okay so after an hour I finally finished cooking I packed mom and dad's food cause they'll both be eating at their work. Dad told me to take good care of JP, while mom told me to say goodbye to Kyle for them.

I went upstairs to check the boys out, when I opened the door I saw JP hugging kyle and they looked so cute while sleeping together. I waked Kyle up and told him that lunch is served

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