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-Darby - 22

-Ashely - 19

-Mika - 20

-Ally - 20

-Kirian - 20

-Liam and Diana - 4

-Jeremy - 11 months


It had been three days since Michelle had come back to visit. I had seen her for a total of six hours since she came to visit. all of the other hours she had been out with Jace or visiting with Jace or sleeping over at Jace's house. I mean I expected this, just not at this extent.

In three days it will be Christmas and Michelle and Jace agreed that hey would spend Christmas morning over here but they were going to have Christmas dinner with Jace's family because they still haven't met Michelle yet. He's waiting for the perfect moment or something. But whatever, as long as i get some time with one of my best friends.

I got to decorate my own house this year because Grace is off with Jake in Cancoon for Christmas. It was her gift to him. And I had bought everyone presents already, the girls had all of their midterms two weeks ago so they were just chilling and hanging out with some friends and boy friends.

Ally was currently with a new boyfriend of only one month named Eric.

Ashely was with a guy for one week now named Dean.

Kirian was single still, she was really happy though.

Mika was still with Liam and very happy.

And Ciara told me she was also still single, but excited to move in next summer.

Everything was going great!

I made way too many cookies and sent my family their presents already. I also had gotten gifts from all of the girls families that they didn't know about. All of their parents sent them presents that i hid in my closet that I was going to take out on Christmas moning to surprise them.

I had also been practicing my piano skills though they aren't as good as Diana's becuase she gets to practice every day with her teacher while I have a teacher come once a week for me. and sh'e French speaking too so I have to refresh up on my French speaking skills that weren't very good in the first place.

Jeremy was growing fast and Liam was teaching him things like how to play trucks and other things that he enjoyed doing. 

When Christmas finally came along, everyone was excited. We all took our time in waking up that morning, well everyone except Ally, she was really excied and woke everyone up so we could open presents. After it was all done i brought the girls presents from their parents and they were even more happy. Then Michelle and Jace got ready to leave and I made lunch and we all sat down to watch Home Alone and a bunch of other Christmas movies.

For our big Christmas supper we made pizza. It was once of the best Christmas suppers I have ever had. Then we stayed up drinking gorss beer and watching America Horror Story after the children had all gone to bed.

On New Years we had a small party at the house with Kim and Jessica. Jace and Ricky even came over and so did the girls boyfriends. At 7pm Jeremy went to bed and at 9ph the twins went to bed. they got to stay up later, which was already exciting enough for them. At midnight we celebrated the beginning of 2019 before we all crashed. Most people in the living room. Me, somehow in my own bedroom.

It was fun and I wasn't that drunk. I couldn't be when Jeremy might have woken up crying. And I didn't need the hang over the next mornign, though its hard for me to get hung over.

The next morning Ashely and I were the only two who didn't have a killer head ache so we made everyone hot chocolate and tea and some pancakes for breakfast. With a bit of pain relievers in between.


March. MARCH. march. MaRcH. mArCh.

Why does March feel so weird to me?

Well, Randi and Nash are here, and in a couple weeks Jeremy will be turning one and I will be back to work. Jeremy will start going to daycare. That will be weird, but I'm ready to stop lounging around and doing nothing but write and play piano all day.

Randi is telling me all about how happy she is in her salon and how popular it is getting. I'm glad she is happy. 

Everyone deserves to be happy.

Why am I not happy?

Oh right, because I've started to do some work form home because there is a bunch new projects that I have to do and just reading about them makes me want to tear out my hair from my head then set it on fire. Maybe if I'm ugly I won't have to do this work.

I love being this top business woman and making things happen and making people like Andrea really happy with my work, but some of the stuff she is going to start making me do makes me want to turn ugly. 

Maybe I'll just gain like three hundred pounds so that I can not fit out my front door and go to work so that I don't have to do this. Yea, that sounds like a good plan. I can gain three hundred pounds in three weeks. That's just one hundred pounds a week.

Bring on the chocolate!

"What are you thinking so hard about?" Randi asked me with a weirded out expression.

I looked back at her face, "huh?"

She rolled her eyes, "you just dazed off into the distance with a determined expression plastered on your face."

"I'm going to gain three hundred pounds in three weeks," I said to her with a completely straight face.

She let her mouth hang open slightly before she shook her head, "I don't even want to know what you were thinking about."

"Bring on the chocolate!!" I shouted and Nash flinched from his half-asleep state on the chair in the corner of my living room.

I smiled sheepishly towards him then got up and went to my kitchen. too bad I don't have any chocolate here. I glanced at the clock and thought. The girls should be on their way back here... maybe they could pick me up some...

He he he...

I pulled my phone out of my butt pocket and dialled Ashley's number. She picked it up after the second ring with a cheery "hey."

"I need you to go to the store and buy out all of its chocolate and fatty candies." I said quickly.

"" She tried to not laugh. "Why?"

"I need to gain three hundred pounds in three weeks. Starting now." I was determined.

She was silent for a second, "why do you need to gain three hundred pounds?"

"So that I won't fit out the front door," I said with a 'duh' voice.

She laughed and I heard the other girls laughing in the background. so I was on speaker... well then. "I will see what I can do," she said then hung up.

Wow, she is actually getting me chocolate?

Mission to make me fat so I can't leave the house is a go!

I went back to the living room and sat back down with Randi and we kept watching the show that was on the TV. I don't even remember what it was called, but that doesn't matter. I was thinking about all of the food I could eat to get fat. So much unhealthy food. Yummm.

The door opened ten minutes later and I whipped my head around to smile at the girls. They were all empty handed and I frowned. "I thought you were going to the store?"

Ashely laughed as she took out a chocolate bar from her hoddie pocket and threw it to me. "We did go to the store."

I looked at the one chocolate bar and sighed. Plan to get Darby fat so she can't get out of the house is a bust. I guess I'm going to have to go to work. UGH.

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