Kacey: The Preacher's Daughter

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Hi, my name is Kacey. Kacey Mackenzie Jones to be exact. I'm 13 years old and I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my mom, my dad, my sister 6 year old sister Kendall, and my 8 year brother Kyle. Now this is not a regular girl meets world story. My father is the head pastor of Arizona Baptist Church. Yea2

, you heard me I'm a preacher's daughter. In my house every since I was born we have had a lot of rules like, we can't go nowhere without praying for 30 minutes. We also can't listen to R~B music or any genre of music because my dad says it's not "godly". We also have this fingertip rule. Well, the fingertip is really only for me. If I wear a dress or a skirt, it has to be at my fingertips or below. If it's above my fingertips, than I have to go change immediately. The fingertip rule doesn't apply for Kendall till she's 10 but it applied for me when I was 7. So unfair! It's almost summer vacation and everyone's excited but not me. My father usually makes my siblings and I work at the church with him, but I pray that he does not make us this year. Tomorrow is the last day of school, and I want to make a statement, but in order for me to make that statement I have to break some rules.

Before I continue the story I wanted to kno if y'all like it so far

Chapter 1

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