We Can Change It

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This is going to be short i don't want to explain much so here is my disclaimer

Title: We can change it

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First Edition, 2014

Published in the United States of America

READ THIS: Please before you read my stories keep in mind that it's Rated R and it will have it's moments where there is some steamy ,Very Violent Moments but this is just a heads up because I don't want anyone comparing/commenting/insulting the story because of whats happening that's one thing i will not allow you are welcome to give me tips and feedback i love getting feedback but sly comments like harmfully critizing the book is just not allowed. I don't take fault if anyone younger than the age of 14 reads this because some people aren't mature enough to handle stories like this.

I do ask questions at the end of my story so answer them feel free too and i do have a limit of what i want the story to reach before i make another chapter and i will have at least two weeks mid story to change/fix/adjust the story for new readers.

Other than that please enjoy the story you guys

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