Rebel's Cry

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Verse 1

Black snow
Falls to my feet
As I sleep
For a million years
The darkness sinks in
I'm fighting
Fighting for my freedom
That doesn't exist


I've taken too much of your shit
I've tried to keep it in
But yet it builds up into to pain
But yet this is all in vain


We are fighting back
We are taking what is rightfully ours
Rebels to your song
Sing for the start
Start of the fight
Start of the rise
Start of
The rebel's cry

Verse 2

Deep within my bleeding heart
I can hear the pain inside
Destroying all my innocence
Killing what's left of my hope
I cry a river
Just so they are satisfied
You don't feel my pain
Yeah you just feed off it
Every night
For eternity

(Hook and chorus)

Verse 3

Endless paths
Cracked glass
All over your disgusting face
Hearts strings pulled and ripped apart
Just so you can have your fun
But we aren't going to take this anymore
We are done with all your shit you say
We are fighting for the right
Right to say

(Chorus 2x no hook)

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