I squeezed her hand. "Thanks, Jacklyn." I was grateful to have a sister likeJacklyn . "Jacklyn?"

"Yes, sweetie?"

I paused for a moment, wondering if I wanted to know the answer to the question I wanted to ask. "Do you see Monica and Alexander moving with us?"

Kristia looked between Vlaic and me. "I can see where we're going to move, my vision isn't blocked anymore."

That was answer enough. I sighed looking up at Vlaic; he looked upset by the news though he was trying to hide it from me. I didn't ask how long we would be apart, I didn't want to know. It would be hard enough to come to terms with the fact they weren't coming with us.

"Jose?" Krista said, lifting my chin. "There's a great little gift in this shop for you and Monica to share, you should get it for her birthday. I know you'll both love it."

She handed me a piece of paper.

Northwest Diamond Co,

113 West St.

Port Angeles, WA

"If you leave now you'll arrive there when it opens at nine and be back in time to say 'happy birthday' to Monica when she comes over from the cottage." I looked at Krista, shocked that she was allowing me away from decorating and coordinating. "Really, Jose, I'm not that bad!" Krista glared at me as she got to her feet. "Anyway, I'll have all the boys to boss around. Sherie and Garbiñe at least know what they're doing. We'll have it perfect for Monica when she comes over. I'll even have your clothes pressed and waiting for your return." She gave me a quick hug and then skipped out the room.

"Well, you heard what she said," Vlaic said, pulling us both to a stand.

"Yeah, I better get going." I started getting ready to leave.

"Jose?" Vlaic laughed.


"I think you better have a wash first, love. You're covered in mud."

I went over and looked in the mirror. I was a mess, my hair was sticking up all over the place and I had mud smeared all over my clothes and face. I kissed Vlaic on the cheek and headed for the shower. The warm water felt soothing on my skin. I often wondered if that was how I felt to Vlaic when I was human.

I emerged from the shower to find Vlaic had placed clothes out for me- soft grey leggings, a denim skirt or belt, depending on how you looked at it, and a blue blouse. I quickly slid into them, tied my hair up, and headed down the stairs. I wasn't willing to try and stretch Krista's generosity more than she already had. I knew I would be on a time limit. Everyone was gathered in the living room discussing the decorating and party ahead. I was glad I wasn't staying. Decorating wasn't my area. I walked over to where Vlaic was sitting and gave him a kiss. "Thanks for placing clothes out for me."

Krista giggled from her seat on Olivier 's lap. I figured it was her.

"Love you. Miss you," I whispered in Vlaic 's ear.

"Love you more than life itself," Vlaic whispered back to me as he pulled me back in for another kiss. I hated leaving him, being apart from him, but I knew it was good for us. When our kiss started to be something more I heard Layton cough 'get a room'. I pulled back from Vlaic, resting my head on his for a moment as I caught my breath.

Vlaic handed me the keys to the new Aston Martin, and I said my goodbyes to everyone as I made my way to the door. I jumped in the car and made my way to Port Northpond, keeping my foot to the pedal. I wanted to keep this trip short as possible.

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