A Nobel shifter

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I took Todd back to Ansom house so he can rest. The next day I went to the back and trained to see how long it would take to change it took me 60 seconds to change from human to animal and back. Todd came out with Ansom's sword and was practicing on an old tree as he was trying to fly. After a few hours of shifting, flying, and Todd with the sword we decided to eat lunch and make our plan. I asked Todd about the place and if he heard what the guards were talking about.

No Jason i dont remember alot the only thing I remember is the guards were talking about drains.

Wait what did he say? Drain said Todd something about drains. No you idiot there draining all the powers from all the strongest power shifters. Listen Todd we need to do something about this now. Lets call the police said Todd. No do u know what they would do to us. I said. Fine listen dude I am leaving while i still can said Todd.

I was now by myself against the people who hunted me for a living.

What was i going to do? I decided to get some rest. The next day I decided to do some under cover work. I went down to the common grounds. The common grounds is a place where all the shift hunters hung out.

I changed into a cat and started listening in on conversations. After an hour or to I needed to hide as i made my way towards an ally when a drunk shift hunter attacked me. I felt a sharp pain in my ribs. He kicked me. As I flew towards the wall I crashed changing back into a human.

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