Chapter 3 ~ HOUSEEEE

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HEY GUYS!! So I actually changed the last chapter up A TINY BIT. SO please go re-read the ending of chapter 2.

It's not much if a change just a different ending like.



Aris POV

Have I ever told MYSELF how much I love the Grier boys?

No? Okay well I just DID.

They are just flawless. OKAY? And if you think they aren't I will assassinate you.

Jk, killing is for sinners but I will hurt you.

As I was looking at my house.

I looked over and I saw the back of two heads, your probably like What???

Well I am kind of a fan girl. Even though I am popular and I'm fangirled over. I still fan girl MYSELF


Back to what I was saying, these two heads looked like Hayes and Nash.

I have met them before. And I lets just say. THEY ARE EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON.

I couldn't really tell if it was them or not so I was just like "oh it's probably not them"

So I went inside and was in awe over our new house.

It was huge, it kind of looked like those houses you see in the magazine. It had large poles in the front if the house.

It was so BRIGHT! And white. It had over 5 windows in the living room.

It was a dream HOUSE and I was more then excited to call it mine.


So we go get out of the car right

And I see these two boys next door.

and I was like 😏 hello how you doing.

I was like falling. How beautiful they were. NASH GREIR CATCH ME.

yes. You heard me right. I love me some GREIR boys.

You know when you see boys and you can tell they are FINE from behind!?

Just me...okay 😁


I hoped it was them but ya know

That would be too good to be true.

So I just looked up at my new house and I was like......AH ITS BEAUTIFUL!

It was white, stark white.

It had large poles in the front that made it look like it belonged on one of those HGTV SHOWS.

I went paise and was even more amazed.

It was so white. Like how can something be so white. IT WAS LIKE CLOUDSSSSSS

I WAS ALSO LIKE " I'm going to spill something"

BUT IM GONNA TRY MY HARDEST not to spill anything, let's face it. That's not gonna happen.

Ari's POV

"There is 7 bedrooms and they all have bathrooms go pick whatever one you like" I heard my mom say.

I RAN LIKE THE WIND!! I went in every room to find the prettiest layout.

I found it

The room I picked had a sliding door that I could open up go onto the balcony that had a view of the ocean.

It also had one of those windows that you could open that was right across from the neighbors window.

Kindof like the one is Taylor Swifts music video for "you belong with me "

There was also a tree that had a think branch that you could climb and swing to the window.

. I found that kind of weird. But ya know. Hopefully there's a cute boy in that room.

Maddie's POV

"There is 7 bedrooms and they all have bathrooms go pick whatever one you like" I heard my step - mom say.

I ran upstairs.

Not as fast as Ari. But I RAN.

I checked every room looking for the biggest closet.

I have a lot of clothes.

I found it! I found a closet that had another closet within the closet.

Kind of like the one in "Hannah Montana" where she had her "hannah" closet and her "miley" closet.

I opened up the door to my "hannah" closet which I guess I'm gonna call it and it was huge.

It was like another room.

I was thinking what I could do with it.

And it came to me. I could make it a closet

But also my vanity and I'll put some seats in there.

I'm so excited.

My room had a small bathroom but I didn't care.

I wouldn't be doing anything in there besides my business not my makeup



Hope you all enjoyed! I LOVE YOU.

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