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"Okay I'll train you now, but know that my training is brutal, do you think that you can handle it" says Goku. "Yeah" says Kyasu. Kyasu and Goku begin with their training. Goku fires a kamehameha blast at Kyasu, but he dodges it. Kyasu then fires many ki blasts at him, but they had no effect on him. "You have potential but your true power is too bottled up inside of you, we have to find a way to get it out" says Goku. Kyasu agrees and the training continues. It's been 6 hours since the training began and Kyasu made little progress. "Crap, I'm still not getting a hang of this training" says Kyasu. "Well it's starting to get late, do you have a place to stay tonight" ask Goku. "Yeah, but I'm not going home until I get better" said Kyasu. Goku leaves and Kyasu stays and continued to train by himself. Kyasu gets tired and lays down after training looking at the sky only to see a full moon. While looking at the moon Kyasu turns into a Great Ape, destoying everything in sight. He's crushing every mountain, destroying every boulder and he starts shooting mouth blasts destroying almost everything in sight. Goku and the gang feels Kyasu's ki and rushes over to him only seeing everything in ruins. "What happened here" ask Krillin. "I bet it's Kyasu that's doing this" said Yamcha. "How do you know" ask Krillin. "Everybody look up" said Goku. They saw the full moon, knowing that the full moon is out and the place is destroyed, it occured to them that Kyasu may have turned into a Great Ape. "We have to cut off his tail before he destroys the whole entire planet" said Goku. "How are we gonna do that, we don't even know where he is" said Krillin. "You guys don't but I can, all I have to do is find his using and teleport there using the Instant Transmission" said Goku. Goku teleports to Kyasu and find him destroying another mountain. Goku then uses the Solar Flare to temporaily blind him and uses a Destructo Disk to cut off his tail. Kyasu then returns to his human form and layed there unconscious.

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