The pictures

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I walk home, and my uncles boyfriend is home.

"Hey! How was school??"



"Will killed himself last night so I ran out school to his house and looked through his nightstand and I just found theses pictures!"

"How bad are they??"

I hand him the pictures and he looks through them.

"He loved you, he thought of you as a hero!"

"I know but I shouldn't be a hero! Like come on!!"


I run to my room, and locking it as soon as I get in there.

-Two months later-

I haven't eaten for weeks and there worried. There worried that I might die, they think I might get worse again.

"Nick, you want to go see a movie??"


"Do you want to go to a bookstore?"


"Well what do want to do then??"


"We can't allow that!"


"Nick you have to eat!!"

"I don't want to."

"Are you at least taking your meds??"


"Good! Well can you come out of your room?"


I unlock my door and walk out. I've already graduated, so no more hell for me.

I walk about three feet and throw my hands up in the air.



"What do you want???"

His boyfriend joins in and says, "For you to get out of this house, get some fresh air, to eat something! For you to be happy!!"

"If you want me to get some fresh air, let me,"

"Let you WHAT?!"

"Let me open my windows!!"



"If you want to do that, you have to move your bedroom downstairs."


"Nick," my uncles boyfriend says calmly.

"Nick, what he's trying to say is that, he's worried, that you might, jump out your window."

Really??? We live in a two story house!

"Well Nick, what do you say about, moving your bed down into the garage for a month, and if you better, we'll let you move back into your room and let open the windows." he smiles.

"What do you mean by better?"

"Eating, going outside every once in awhile."

"Fine, just promise me one thing."

"What is that Nick?"

"No opening the garage door, at midnight trough six am!"

"That's it??"


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