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Damn.... I Totally keep forgetting about this book... I don't know but it's not as fun as when I started it.. its kinda...well.... stressful. beacause I know people want me to update but I've run out of good ideas.. don't worry I will finish this book XD I'm not just gonna leave it..

Katherine: all the people that read this book probably want you to update but they don't wanna stress you out XD

Me: yeah, yeah I know

Dark riku: man, it's been so long since I've done something! make me part of the book!

Me: I'm the writer! I do what I want //puts on sunglasses//

Dark riku: -.- but I'm bored

Me: too bad

Magical cow: I have an idea riku, why don't you make a minecraft book?

Me: I already tried that ._.

Magical cow: oh.... MOOOOOO


Chapter 31: forgiveness


man... everyone's hurt, why did it have to be like this... I'm blaming myself for this war... I don't know but I feel it's my fault. also making riku mad is apart of the stress... I' I'm at a healing tent right now. I wonder where riku went. wait, wasn't she just fighting out there? I looked out and saw a couple warriors still battling. but no riku. where did she go? did she get attacked? she can't be... dead? no. she's probably taking a break...

I went out to the battle field and immediately started helping fight off the monsters... that's when I realized their number hasn't decreased.. they were spawning more! and they were getting harder.. damn. we were facing an almost certain loss. what would happen if we lost..? what are their plans?

RIKUS P.O.V (finally right?)

"M-Marth" I stuttered. he smiled at us. "hey." he smiled "" I said trying to find the right word. "yeah.. I died..." he said. "I'm actually dead right now... like I'm a ghost sort of..." He explained. "how do we see you and how even?!" I asked. Katherine just stood there looking confused. "whos this?" he asked gesturing to katherine. "oh.. she's Katherine, she came to eliminate bowser because he killed her parents" I explained. "yo" she smirked "I see..." he nodded "ok know back to the fact that your... a ghost" I said. "oh yeah.. uh well I can fly and... I'll just explain what happened from when I died..."


I felt a sharp pain in my back.. I heard laughing and slowly blacked out.

I woke up in a white room. it was so bright. a golden door appeared in front of me. my back didn't hurt anymore... I reached for the knob and slowly turned it. I was greeted by a shining bright light.

I was standing on a cloud. the streets were shining gold and there were people smiling and laughing... I looked down and saw earth below me. someone tapped me on the shoulder. "eh..?" I said as I turned around. a girl my age with blue wavy long hair smiled at me. "hi! welcome to heaven!" she smiled. "ohhhhh now I get it! I'm dead!" I said out loud. She laughed "I'm aqua what's your name?" she said holding out a hand. "Marth" I smiled and took her hand.

"Well anyways I'll be showing you around here." she smiled cheerfully. she was so cheerful. her smile was amazing. "alright but first. can I watch over my friends?" I asked. "Of course! you can actually make yourself visible to them!" she replied. "Awesome!" I answered.


(Still Rikus p.o.v)

There's one thing I said after that. one thing. "Marth and aqua sitting in a t-"

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