I refuse

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Verse 1

My hollow heart

Destroys whatever's left of my soul

I try

I try to ignore

And I die

Just waiting for the call

The call of the misfits

Outcasts and see this

This is the last straw


Sticks and stones

Don't break my bones

Words and more

Kills me slow


I refuse

To be come someone who I am not

I refuse

To give up and die in this spot

You may hate

But this bitch says it's too late

Yeah it's too late

To be saved

Verse 2

I close my eyes

And count their lies

Yes their lies

I feel the pain build up

It hurts but I guess it's fine

I'll will be

Become who I'm suppose to be

Don't like it?

Then I guess me and you are history

[hook and chorus]

Verse 3

I will not change

As much as you try

But I will rise

From these ashes

Yes I will rise

And kick some asses

I will rise

(I will rise)

I will rise

(I will rise)

I will rise!

[hook 3x then chorus]

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