Life Behind the Scenes: Chapter 3

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Lyric POV


It's been two weeks since the whole little thing happen with Ryan. I also went to the doctor and got checked out and thankfully everything was fine. I just can't believe my prize possession is gone. I just wish I could rewind in time and make a smarter and better decision. I admit to be being dumb about that. I just hope I never see his face again. But, he'll get his one day. I'm pretty sure of it. And so will Trey. I could kill him if I saw his face.

"Lyric!!" My calculus teacher Mr. Jones yelled, breaking me out of my train of thought. "Ummm sir?" I asked.

"Could you try not to daydream in my class and get busy and do that bookwork?? You're a great straight A student. Wouldn't wanna mess that up and plus this is the last class of the day." He said smiling at me. I nodded my head and continued doing my work.


After leaving my locker I headed straight for lunch cause a sister is hungry. I got in the line at the canteen and got me a pizza and a bottled water. I was looking around the cafeteria and noticed Shylee sitting with a crowd of people. I'm not used to being around a lot of people but, I guess I'll make the best of this. I probably could make some new friends. So I walked over to the crowd.

"Hey Shylee boo!" I said causing everyone to stare at me. "Hey girl! I missed you." She said turning around pulling me into a hug. "Oh um everybody this is my bestfriend Lyric, Lyric this is everybody." She said causing me to laugh. I waved at them and got a bunch of 'Heys' and one 'Wassup ma' in response. Then I saw Semaj with his sexy ass. Semaj is one of the biggest drug dealers in the ATL. I've always had a crush on him. But I don't think he feels the same way about me.

"Helllloooo Lyric." Shylee said waving her hand in my face. Oh shit I zoned out staring at him. I hope he didn't notice. "Sorry, got a lil to deep in my thoughts." I said feeling my face go red. I looked up and noticed Semaj smirking at me. I quickly turned my head and looked away.

"Well Lyric I'm about to head out. You need a ride?" Shy asked me. "Uh yeah I'm coming." I said. Shylee said her goodbyes to everyone and left the cafeteria to head to her car and I was right behind her. She unlocked her car doors and me and her got inside. As we were pulling off I noticed Semaj watched us as we pulled off. I wonder what that was about.

"So I saw you eyeing Semaj back there Lyric." Shylee said breaking the silence. "I wasn't eyeing him!!" I said blushing and laughing.

"Yeah yeah whatever you say. But, be careful just in case anything happens between you two." She said. " I doubt that Shy, but where's your boo thang? I know you got one." I said.

"Wellll, you remember the night we went out?" She asked. I shook my head yeah not wanting to remember anything. "Well, me and this sexy ass light skin nigga sparked up a conversation and been talking ever since." She said blushing. "Looks like somebody is falling in love there." I said squealing and squirming in the seat of the car.

"So when you gone let me meet this so called sexy nigga?" I asked her. "Sooner then you think." She said smiling. " I'm looking forward to meeting him so don't have me waiting forever." I said and noticed we were pulling into the apartments where I stay. Yeah I moved out and found a lil something on my own. I couldn't deal with my alcoholic ass dad and my pitiful mother. "I won't have you waiting." She said, "Now give me smooches." I gave her a kiss on the cheek and got out the car grabbing my bookbag.

I walked upstairs to my apartment and unlocked the door and went inside and locked up for the day.

Shylee POV

As I made my way home my phone dinged indicating I had a text message. I picked it up and opened it:

BooThang: Wassup babygirl??


Me: Hey baby and nothing much on my way home from dropping my bestfriend off.

BooThang: Oh ardd. You supposed to be ma baby and ain't even lemme meet ya bestfriend.


Me: Y'all gone meet soon I promise. K baby??

BooThang: Okay baby. I'm bout to come by yo house and chill wit you until you head off to work and you ain't gone be working at that strip club much longer either. You understand?


Me: Yes daddy I understand and okay bye see you later.

I feel like I've finally found the one. I think him and Lyric are gonna become very close. But we'll just have to see.


Just a lil sum sum I posted.

Who is Shylee's new boo??

Lyric and Semaj??

Think Lyric and Shylee's boo gone get along??





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