Forty-Two - Amy and Lyra

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[It was a happy coincidence at first the these all started on the twelfth, the twenty-second, thirty-second... and I decided to just keep it like that. I like patterns.]

I called her and 

           My heart stopped when

She picked up.


           "Amy, we need to talk."

"No no, I get it...

People have sexual urges,

and you always tell me

that gamblers use

every advantage they

can get.

             She sighed.

             "No, that isn't what I


"Then what did you mean?

That you didn't mean to

fuck that guy,

that you didn't mean

to pick up the phone,

that you didn't mean to

meet me?"

           "Whoa, where the

           fuck did that come from?

           Look, I called because

           I'm tired of running from you

           and I'm tired of you

           hanging up on me

           and I'm tired of us

           both ignoring this feeling

           we both share."

"What feeling?"

           "Oh, don't act stupid, 

           Amy. You know

           what I'm talking about."

           I could hear her sigh


"Slow your rolls,

lover girl....

There's no way


could be attracted to


           "Yes there is.

            Cause I am.

            You took my 

            Queen, remember?


"You're the Queen to my King,"

I whispered.

She didn't reply for several moments

and my heart-rate

went awol.

Finally, she said, 

"Come to the store this afternoon.

Arrive sober and look nice...


              "And why is that?"

"You'll see.

It's all a 


We didn't talk much after that

and we hung up,


and I was wearing

the goofiest grin on my

slightly-drunk face.

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