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A/N- The rest of the story will be in nicks POV :)

-The next day-

"Students, we are very sad to tell you that, one of our Juniors, Will Grayson,"

My head shot up right I heard 'Will Grayson'

"Will Grayson was found dead, last night, and we have asked his parents if we can read what he left on his nightstand."

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no NO!!

He started reading the the note, I just listened,

"Dear Everyone who may care enough to listen.

First, Mom, I love you and I'm sorry. Dad your a dick and I hope your happy, but it comes down to who I will miss the most."

He takes a pause so I start recording the rest.

"The person I will miss the most is Nick Jona. He's a great person, he always knew how to make me smile no matter what. Nick, I'm sorry, and I will always love you.


I run out of school and just running to Wills house.

"Oh, you must be Nick!"

"Um yes."

"Here come on in, they, um took his body away, already, so if you want you can, go inside his room."

I walk inside his room, it's pretty basic. It has white walls, a twin sized bed, a little bookshelf not filled with books just like at least five, a nightstand, and a laptop.

I know it's rude to go trough someone's things, but I have to see what's in his nightstand. I open it up and all I find is, an empty bottle of sleeping pills, and pictures. I go trough the pictures, and I start crying.

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