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Me: Beanna!!!

Beanna: Zakayla

Me: I missed you so much!

Tonya: Damm Beanna you getting thick!

Beanna: Yup New York food gon do that to ya!

Tj: Ehweee Beanna!

Beanna: Boy boo! You know if we wasnt cousins you would be tryna hitt!

Me: Thats outta line!

Tonya: Fr!

Beanna: *Laughing* I missed fucking with Tj

Tj: I missed it too i aint even gon lie

Me: Hug then

Tj: Huh?

Tonya: Hug ya cousin

Beanna: But…

Me&Tonya: Hug!

Beanna: Fine! *They Hug Each Other Akwardly*

Me: Was That So Hard!?

Tj: Yes very hard!

Tonya: So Beanna you got a bf?

Beanna: Yea he moved down here n im so glad we is too

Me: Wats his name?

Beanna: Jordan

Tj: Do i gotta beat Jordan ass!?

Beanna: No Tj!

Tj: He bet not cheat on my lil cousin

Beanna: He not even like that

Me: Ok Beanna

Tonya: How long yall been together?

Beanna: 9 Months

Me: Awee! So cute!

Tj: Its wateva

Beanna: Let me guess yo ass still single Tj!?

Tj: Nope i gotta girl

Beanna: *To Me* Do he really?

Me: Yup. We all taken over here

Beanna: Wat yall bfs names?

Me: Caleb

Tonya: Cortez aka Cj

Beanna: Wats yo gf name?

Tj: Kennedy aka KeKe

Beanna: Awe

Me: How bout we have a party tomorrow night so everyone can meet?

Beanna: Sure where at?

Tonya: My house

Tj: And bring Jordan

Beanna: *Laughing* Ok

Tj: Well im bout to go yall. Dueces

E1: Ight bye

Beanna: I do too yall. Here's my number so we can catch up. Bye yall

Me&Tonya: Bye

Tonya: Za?

Me: Yea

Tonya: Didnt Beanna look like someone we know…

Me: *Thinking* Yea. She looks like……

Tonya: Kennedy

Me: She looks too much like her! Im starting to think that Tj has a crush on Beanna

Tonya: Why you think that?

Me: Cuz you know we all friends on facebook,following each other on instagram,and stuff. Beanna post pics n Tj would like em n stuff. So he knew wat Beanna looked like

Tonya: So

Me: And every time a girl asked him out he would say no. He described his perfect gf and it described Beanna


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