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Cheyenne's birthday

Harry: so why are you so upset Chey it is your birthday your supposed to be happy.
Cheyenne: I know but it is hard to be when your daughter is driving you crazy crying all the time I mean yes I love her but she still drives me crazy sometimes and she is right now because she just screamed in her high pitched baby voice fro you to pick her up.
Harry: I know and I'm sorry (doorbell rings, goes to answer it) Hey lads how are ya'll?
Niall, Liam, Louis: Zayn got Perrie pregnant and now they won't talk for some unknown reason and we want to know why
Harry: Zayn is this true
Zayn: unfortunatly yes (covers face)
Niall: (takes hands away from Zayn's face and kisses him on the lips)
Zayn: eww Niall James Horan why would you do that (wipes it off)
Niall: Well you are happy
Zayn: Your right
(Cheyenne walks into the room)
Cheyenne: hey lads
Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall: hey Cheyenne
Liam: ( sees Darcy in Cheyenne's arms) Hey Cheyenne can I hold Darcy
Cheyenne: Yeah (hands Liam Darcy)
Liam: Hey Darcy do you know who I am
Darcy: Unca Lime
Harry: Liam she is only 2 take it easy on her
Cheyenne: yeah ( hands Liam Darcy)
Liam: hey Darcy do you know who I am
Darcy: unca Lime
Harry: Liam take it easy on her she is only 2 better yet please give her to Zayn
Liam: Okay here Zayn (gives Darcy to Zayn)
Zayn: Why did Liam just hand me my niece?
Liam: Because I can't hold her and Harry was across the room and I screamed at her for calling me Unca Lime
Zayn: (Chuckles) Oh my gosh you got mad at a 2 year old for calling you that (gives Darcy to Harry) here can you hold her for a second
Harry: Yeah sure since she is my daughter
Zayn: (pulls out his phone and sees this "Zayn Honey Can u plz come home I want 2 talk -Perrie" texts Perrie back saying "yes love I can be there in 10 minutes.") I got to go back to my house and the others have to drive me because I can't drive bye Harry see you later
Harry: Bye Zayn
Cheyenne: Bye Zayn
Zayn: Bye Cheyenne
Darcy: Bye Unca DJ
Zayn: Bye Darcy
(The other lads leave)
Harry: Lets put Darcy back to bed since she is asleep on my shoulder and then we go back to bed
Cheyenne: Okay sounds good by me

Harry: *wakes up 3 hours later to his phone ringing answers it*

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