My Guarden Angel

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Fionnas pov

I opened my eyes to a world of white.

When did it start to snow? I turned and saw the neaklace that..............marshell.

I got up, but then quickly fell back down.

I looked down to see my shirt coverd in crimson red.

"oh glob"! I looked around once more to find marshell near by......he was really gone...............I dragged my slowly dieing body to him.

"Marshell im sorry".....I started to cry

"Don't cry fionna, everything is ganna be ok, I promise".

I looked up to see the pretty white lady like I saw in my dream.

"As a reward for killing the lich im ganna give you something so wonderful, you will never wanna give up on life".

My world went white once more


I open my eyes to see myself in front of the tree house. Im so comfy...wait the TREEHOUSE

I quickly got up only to trip over something.

I looked down to see marshells ax........marshell

I looked down and saw his pale face. Ill miss you marshell.

"You miss him don't you"?

I look up to see the lady in white.

"Whith all my heart". I start to tear up.

"There is a way to bring back you know".

I quickly look up."HOW HIW HOW"!

She laughed. Her laughter was like a bell.

"Love mean you are one half and  your love is the other half, together you guys make a whole".

"Fionna you must give something up of up most importence".

"Give up something, like what?".

"Something that shows he is your other half"...

"My heart". "My soul". She looked at me at first with a counfused face , but then smiled.

"It shall be done".

I felt a light force in my chest come out of me.

I looked in the queens hands to find a little light.

"Are you sure you want to do this fionna"!

I smiled and then nodded my head.

She took the little ball of light (my heart) and broke it into 2.

The pain was unbearable.  I screamed and cryed until I counld no more. My whole body was on fire.

"Its ok fionna,your doing great".

She took the second piece of my heart and placed it in marshells chest.

She then the other piece into back into me.

"Sleep fionna"..........

My world went black............

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