(Setting: When Becca left Noel's house after helping her get ready for her date with Riker)

Becca's POV

I had so much plans today. First I had my classes. I was learning culinary arts. It was something I was really interested in. Then I had to do some tasks to do for my mom. Then I had to help Noel get ready for her date with Riker. Now I'm on way to the store to actually get some food for the house. Rocky would've done it but he had a meeting with the record label about writing a song for a new upcoming artist. I got to the store and got a buggy.

I walked around a bit. So far I had some fruits, veggies and a lot of junk food like Nutella, cookies, chips, pop, pizza roles, etc. And some important things like medicine, cleaning supplies. I was going to get some milk. I turned the corner and almost hit a women.

Becca: Im so sorry ma'am. I didn't see you there

Lady: It's ok, it was my fault

I looked closely at her

Becca: Laura?

Laura: Yeah. Becca?

Becca: Yeah.

Laura gave me a hug

Laura: Hey, how are you? I haven't seen you in a few years.

Becca: I know it's been awhile. I'm good, how are you?

Laura: I'm good. I heard you and Rocky got back together.

Becca: Yeah! He actually proposed and we just moved in to our house

Laura: Oh my gosh congrats!!!

Becca: How about you. Who's your lucky guy?

Laura: Actually it's, Jake T Austin

Becca: Awe, congrats to the both of you

Laura: Thanks. Bec I wanna say that im so so so sorry for being so rude and mean to you. The truth is, yeah I had a small thing for Rocky. Then he brought you to set and I was really jealous. I mean you could've gotten any guy. You were just so pretty.

Becca: I forgive you Laura, you were jealous of me? I was jealous of you, you were the pretty one. You had the show and your amazing voice.

Laura: Let's just forget that whole thing and let's be friends!

Becca: I agree.

She gave me a hug.

Laura: Crap. I gotta get home or Jake's gonna think I got lost or something

Becca: Yeah same here. Rocky should be home any second now

Laura: Alright see ya

Becca: Talk to you later

We went our separate ways. I got the milk and some yogurt. And headed to check out. I got everything into the car and drove home. I saw Rocky's car in the drive way.

I didn't know if he was sleep or not so I just decided to bring everything in. I got the last bag and locked up my car. I put the bag on the counter. Three seconds later Rocky came in

Rocky: You know I've could've helped you

Becca: Yeah, but I didn't know if you were sleeping or writing that song

Rocky came over to me and wrapped his arms around me

Rocky: Even if I was, I would've helped you

Rocky turned me around to where I was facing him

Becca: I love you

Rocky: And I love you

He went to kiss me but I turned my head. He looked a little disappointed

Becca: We've got things to do

I say getting away from his grip and we bot start putting some things away

Rocky: Yes! You got Nutella!!!!

Becca: Yeah, I got like three because you go through it a lot

Rocky: Do not!

Becca: I talked to your mom and siblings...and yes you do

We got everything put away and were just talking about the wedding

Rocky: So should we have it in a church or at the beach or a park or even here?

Becca: Well-

I was cut off by the door being opened and the Lynch family and Ellington.

Ross: Hola

Rydel: The awesomeness is here

Stormie: So what are you guys up to

Becca: Just going over wedding plans

Stormie: Ok, so what do you guys have so far

Rocky: Nothing

Becca: We were discussing where we should have it

Rocky: Yeah, either at the church, at the beach or even here

Stormie: Ok, we'll what do you wanna do Becca

Becca: Well I would rather have it at the beach

Stormie: Ok now Rocky what do you want

Rocky: I would like it at the beach. But what about the sand

Rydel: You guys could get like a stage and besides the bride always walks on a red carpet thingy

Stormie: What about the colors

Becca: Lime green

Everything was quiet. I heard Ross' laugh. I looked over at him he was texting somebody. Rydel looked at me and I nodded

Becca: Ross who you texting

Ross: Just a friend

Rydel: Right and is this friend a boy or a girl

Ross: Uh... A girl

Rydel and I smiled at each other

Ellington: Dude, you better run

He got up and started running up the stairs. Rydel tackled him while I took his phone. I locked myself in the bathroom. I started reading the messages. There was a knock on the door

Becca: Go away Ross

?: It's me Rydel, Ryland has him down

I opened the door and sure enough Ryland and Ross were fighting on the ground. Rydel came in and started reading the messages. She texted Patience.

We walked out

Rydel: Ry, you can get off him now. We're done

Ross got up and Rydel handed him his phone

Ross: What did you guys do

Rydel: Nothing but just expect this Saturday to take her to the beach for a date

Ross: Delly!

Rydel: You'll thank me later

We went back down stairs and finished wedding ideas. And now we have everything planned out. Yay!!

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