Chapter 1

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    Sadie's POV

   OMG Nash is coming over today!! I can't wait!! While I pass the time I might as well go pennyboarding. So I ran upstairs straightned my hair, put on my black beanie, my starbucks crop top, and my galaxy vans. I go back downstairs and guess who is sitting on our couch. IT'S NASH GRIER!!! Well I guess I don't have enouh time to go pennyboarding. Oh well! Anyway, Shawn, Nash and I watched movies and then played truth or dare. On of my dares was to say who my crush is, of course I couldn't say it in front of him so I said "no one". Once Nash went home me and Shawn got called into the kitchen for a family meeting. My parents said they were getting a divorce and that me and Shawn would have to move to Rhode Island with my mom. I texted my friends right away. They started freaking out! My mom said we had to leave Thursday and today is Tuesday. Oh no only 2 days to pack. So I start packing all of my stuff up. I go to check on Shawn because usually he is really loud and in the last 10 minutes I haven't heard him talk. I walk into his room and I see him sitting on his bed crying. He said "Mom and dad are getting a divorce and we might never see dad again because we are moving to Rhode Island. Omg I never thought about that we might never see dad again. So guess what I start crying too. Our parents come in and say that we will see our dad every summer and stay with him for 1 month. That makes me feel better! I go outside and go for a walk around the block to clear my head of everything. After about 5-10 minutes I see ambulances going in the direction of my house. I start following the ambulances and you won't even believe what I saw.......

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