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Verse 1

Just what

Did you just say to me

Are you really suggesting that

I become someone I don't wanna be

Well sir

Fuck you cuz I'll rather be me


Death and life

Soul and sin

Is there really a happy ending?


I scream

but there is no sound

I dream

Because that's the only thing that is keeping me alive

I guess you think you care

But really

You are just scared

Just scared

Of me 2x

Verse 2

You think

That with your notes and pens

That you

Will get me to open up

Bitch please I rather die

Why do you think I would do that huh

I guess you are confused

You don't know what I've been through

[hook and chorus]

Verse 3


Just stop

Trying to understand me

I hate you type of people

You wanna get into my mind

Control me like a puppet

And try to change me

But seriously

Just take your mind games away

Cuz I'm sick of this game

Yes I'm tired of this game


[ hook and chorus]

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