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It was the next day and there were bodies everywhere. the bodie hes had shot, His father and yukis brother, Aswell as that other innocent slave boy. Due to a bad dream Prince  woke up immedietly and laid downn down on his bed, Wondering what will happen now. Then Prince realized that he forgot the shot gun in the cage, He got up and quickly put his bath robe on and slipper, rushing outside only to find that it was snowing and every one was sleeping and well... shaking. Prince quietly opened the cage door and walked inside, He walked up to the raw body of his father then looked around the body.... there was no gun.. Prince started to panic but sighed, He walked around the slaves that were sleeping to see who had the gun no one did.... Well... Atleast he couldn't find it....He wen't back inside and went back to sleep till morning, When it was morning he went to go check again, And there was the gun. Him the hands of a slave boy who was atleast 16, He stood over yuki puting the gun right to yukis forehead. All Prince could hear as he got closer and closer, All he could hear was the boy screaming at Yuki about being a spoiled brat and not even being white. "Hey!" As Prince got closer to the boy quietly he yelled, He caught the boys attention but he noticed that Prince had no weapon, so he put his pointer finger at the button and shot the gun right at yukis forehead " YUKI!!!" Prince screamed, He took out his teaser from his back pocket and tazed the boy who shot the gun. As the boy fell over Prince dropped to his knees. and burst into tears... There was lots of blood on Yukis forehead but he was still breathing but vaguely, The pressure of the shot hit him but there were no bullets left in the shot gun, Prince grabbed the gun and picked up yuki putting him over his shoulder and rushed over to the front door " Mom! Im going to the hospital!!" Prince rushed to the hospital driving his fathers truck with yuki in the back seat. they got to the hospital and prince rushed in, ignoring the "No Blacks" Sign. He rushed inside and doctors yelled at him

"HEY!! GET THAT DOG OUT OF HERE!" the docters yelled " Please!! I'm beggin you! He needs help!" The doctors escorted him out and he then a girl his age rushed after her " Get him in the abulence, She opened the garage door to the hospital and unlocked the door to a ambulance, Prince jumped into the back and set him down in the bed, And the girl started healing the wound on his forehead. as she stitched up the wound she didn't look at Prince for even a second " Why are you helping him?...." She asked shyly. Prince sighed, He was so scared. " H-he is my best friend.... He can't die here... We've been friends for a while.." The girl nodded " I will try my best to heal him" She smiled abit " Are you against slavery... too?" Prince nodded  and rubbed his eyes. Yuki blinked " Y-YUKI?!" prince was shocked, He looked closer at Yuki as yuki slowly opened his eyes " M-Master...." He smiled abit " T-thank you master..." Prince burst into tears and hugged him. " Prince.." He correct him, By now Prince realized that Yuki will never stop calling him master. Yuki slowly got up and looked at the girl, She scared him abit but then prince rubbed the back of his neck with a smiled " Hey, Hey calm down... She saved your life..." Prince walked up to her and smiled, Hugging her tightly " Thank you... Thank you so much!!" He cried abit, then The girl slightly pushed him away with a smile " No problem.... What are your names?" She asked polietly "My name is Prince..." He turned to yuki and it was silent for a moment, " Oh! Sorry" He bowed respectfully " My names Yuki, Master." Yuki looked at her and saw her sweet smile " Nice to meet you two! My names is Keira." Prince loked at her " Uhm.... How much do I have to pay you?.." He sighed " I'd have to go back home to get some money.." Keira shook his head. " Tell you what, bring me to your house and you won't have to pay me." She smiled " Uhmm" Prince nodded "Alright lets go" They both helped Yuki back to the truck and Put him in the back seat. Prince opened the shot gun for Keira then drove back home, Keira looked at the cage " A-are these YOUR slaves?" Prince nodded " I.... I guess they are...." He sighed, Yuki opened the door from the back but then froze. "M-master..." There was a whole crew of police surrounding their property. "W-whats happening?!" Prince got out of the car "Yuki Stay here..." Keira followed prince as they walked inside the house, He looked around and found his mother being questioned by the police but Prince Interuppted " Whats going on " The police looked up at him.

" Is that your boy Prince?" They asked him, Princes mother covered her mouth, She was full of regret and shame on herself. " I'm sorry Prince" Tears rolled down her eyes. As the police grabbed his arm he started to panic " Whats happening?!" The police grabbed his arms and dragged him out side. " What did he do!?" Keira asked "Keira just leave!" He yelled " Don't let the police touch them!" By "Them" Prince met the slaves and Keira knew thats what he meant. As they dragged Prince outside It was bad timing. Yuki had just exited the truck and was harshly grabbed, they both were pushed into the back of a police car.

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