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Baby are you okay?

We need to talk

You've been drinking

Quite an awful lot

I know that you're sad

I know that you're hurting

But you've got to come back to reality

That's the first thing you're learning

You've gotta speak up

'Cause I can't read your mind

All your bottles are lined up

And that don't spell "fine"

That's not healthy

The worst thing in life is to be wealthy

Not so much poor

You always see the wealthy

 Begging for more

And baby you're rich

And you only want time

But you've used all yours up

And now you want mine

And I'm

Trying so hard to eat up your depression

To inject it into my bloodstream

To take the bad out of you and put it back into me

I'm losing my mind

I don't know what to do with myself

My heart

It's breaking

You've placed me high upon a shelf

And baby I can't get down

From this sad high I'm feeling

Just know that I love you

With all of my being.

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