I appered back in the white room but I wasnt alone there was this girl that i reconized. "Jamie?" I asked. Jamie was my best friend when we where four but she died at the age of ten in a car acident. She turned around. "No, Annabell! Why are you here, your not supposed to be here." She said "I died of cancer in my sleep." I said. All of a sudden god appeared out of no where. "You have proven yourself. You made something from the heart and gave it to someone else." He explained. "And?" i asked. He waved his hand and i closed my eyes when i opened them i was in my room. Andy was sleeping in my bed hugging my favorite stuffed animal. Yes I still have stuffed animals..................don't judge. I looked at my hand it was solid. I jumped onto the bed making Andy wake up. "Wake up, wake up!" I chanted. His eyes widened. "A-Annabell?" he asked in shock. "The one and only." I smiled still jumping. He jumped up and hugged me causing both of us to fall on the bed. "Please don't let this be a dream." he said. I pinched him. "Ow!" he exclaimed. "Yep your not dreaming." I said. He hugged me tighter. "Still need to breathe Andy." I laughed. "Call me Dad." he said. I smiled. "Still need to Breathe Dad." I said. He smiled and lossened his grip. "Oh sweet air!" I said dramaticaly. He laughed. "I'm so glad to have my baby girl back." He said. "And i'm happy that I'm not dead its the best feeling in the world." I said.

You never know how short your life is until you finally die.

"It's the End and I'm not afraid to die!" ~In the end by Black Veil Brides.

Yep i finally finished. I have no idea what to do so ya. Thank you people for reading my story!!! ~ Ivy :]

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