Chapter 1

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It's the day of Maggie's 16 birthday. She was a school in the cafeteria with her friends.

"Maggie!" Cameron said for the fifth time. "oh what?" she asked snapping out of her daydream. "stop starring at Luke Brooks  and answer our question" Dakota said drinking beer.

"I'm having the party Friday night" Maggie said looking at Luke again. "as in tonight?" Hanna said in more of a question. "Yeah tonight" she  said then ran to Luke.

"hey girl slow down" Luke's twin brother Jai said. "Sorry.. I just need to ask Luke a question" Maggie said then went to him. "L-Luke" she shuttered. "what" he said turning around. "Would you lik-"

"Maggie." Daniel said. Daniel is her big brother. "what?" she asked looking at him. "what are you asking him?" Daniel asked being over protective about her. "I  was gonna ask Luke if he'd like to come to my sweet 16" Maggie said. "I'd like to" Luke said  then left with the guys.

Maggie screamed happy and ran to her friends, "he's coming to my party!"  "awesome. now lets go get you ready" Hanna said and they went home.

sorry if  this is boring. it'll get better.

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