You're Giving Him A Blowjob & A Family Member Walks In

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Michael - Michael quickly pulled your top from your body, leaving you in just your panties now as you backed him to the bed. He smirked at you, pulling off his own shirt as he laid down. “I want to go down on you baby.” You whispered, his eyes darkening as he only nodded, leaving you to kiss slowly down his body as you stopped at the waistband of his pants. His breath hitched in his throat as you began undoing his belt, pulling out his rock hard cock from his tight confines. He let out a low growl as you flicked his tip, before placing your whole mouth around it. “Just like that, babe yes.” You picked up your pace, winking at him as he knotted your hair around one of his hands. Michael’s moans were far from quiet when the door burst open. “Oh goodness!” You released Michael from your mouth, as his mom stood there, her hand over her eyes. “I-I was going to a-ask if you wanted l-lunch but never mind.” She left quick, Michael sighing as he tucked himself back into his pants. “Well she just killed the mood.” You nodded, kissing him one last time as you two got dressed, going to find his mom.

Luke - “We have to make this quick.” Luke said, you nodding against his lips as he slowly unzipped your dress from the back. Luke’s family was having a get together tonight but Luke couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of you for some reason. Your dress fell to the floor, as Luke began unbuttoning his button down. “No time.” You said, as you both crawled onto the bed, his shirt halfway undone as his tie hung on his bare chest. “Babe what are you doing?” He stood up on his knees as you were on all fours, unbuckling his belt. “Ssh.” He ran his hand through your hair as you pulled down his boxers, his erection almost hitting you in the face. You took him into your hand, beginning to pump him slowly as he dropped his head back, letting out a straggled moan. “I want your mouth.” You leant down, putting his tip in your mouth as you swirled your tongue around it. You went down farther, his hips rocking back and forth slowly. You gagged a bit, his moans getting louder and breathier as the door flung open. “Woah wow!” You sat up, Luke holding one hand over his area as he stood in front of you, Jack at the door. “I know you two like sex and all, but it’s time to eat. Jesus Christ.” He left, leaving you and Luke both frustrated and red in the face.

Ashton - “Fuck Ashton.” He hummed against your neck as you were both standing, his hand in your pants as he rubbed you through your panties. You were both already half naked, all that was standing between you was your pants. “Ash stop.” You said, his hand halting as he pulled it from your pants. “Something wrong?” “Let me be in charge tonight.” His while demeanor changed as you bit your lip, dropping to your knees as he smirked. You unbuttoned his pants, pulling them down as you noticed how hard he was through his boxers. You put your hand on it, his teeth capturing his bottom lip tight as his eyes fell shut. You pulled down his boxers, his erection standing fully erect. “Fuck do something, Y/N.” You smiled, licking the underside of his cock as his hand fell to your head, wrapping it around his long fingers. You wrapped your hand around him as you did your mouth, pumping and sucking. Your pace sped up as his moans increased. He started to slowly roll his hips to meet your pace as you two heard small footsteps. Of course, thinking nothing of it, you went back to pleasuring Ashton. Just as he was about to hit his climax, the door burst open, Lauren screaming as she slammed it back. “Dinners ready!” She screamed with a shaky voice, running down the stairs as you both sighed. “I need to go check on her.” He got dressed, giving you a lingering kiss as he left, leaving you to get re-dressed.

Calum - “Jump.” You jumped up, your naked body connecting with the door as Calum pushed you against it. He put his lips back on yours as you both moaned into the kiss, feeling all over each bodies as you then stopped, his brows furrowing. “Something wrong?” You got down, smiling as you started walking him back towards the bed. “I wanna do something for you.” He nodded as you took him into your hand, pumping him slowly as he let out a moan. “Damn babe.” You turned around, flicking his tip with your tongue as his hand connected with your cheek, slapping it quickly as you moaned around his hard length. “Mm do that again, babe.” You moaned around him again, going down as far as you could before feeling his tip hit the back of your throat. You heard a car door shut outside, but you thought it was the neighbors so you disregarded it and continued sucking Calum off. His hand kneaded your cheek as you picked up your pace, gagging every once in a while as you heard a scream coming from the door way. “I’m sorry!” You took your mouth off of Calum, as his mom shut the door quick, returning back downstairs. “Oh my god.” You said, you both giggling as you heard her talking to herself downstairs. “I’m scared to even look her in the eye again.”

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