Chapter 12

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Broga and Egesa now united were now intent on destroying every world and causing as much chaos as possible to draw Ramon to face them.

The gatherers who were dispatched to protect and repair the devestation could not cope with what was happening there was just too much for them to do.  Ramon could see this and summoned Sue to him "now is my time to face them" Sue looked at him with great concern but knew there was nothing that she could do to stop him.  It was then that Aleciamora and Clarona joined them both.

"You are both welcome" said Ramon and your wisdom is sorely needed though I feel that the hour is late for us all.  We are pleased to be finally with you  remarked Aleciamora and we will assist you in every way possible but even we fear that our wisdom may be too old for what we are all to face, Broga and Egesa have had time to develop new ways and powers we have yet to see.  There is so much disruption and chaos and there is much more to come I will speak with you both and determine our course of action said Ramon but there is so little time before I must face them.  What Ramon was speaking of was the devastation that the brothers were causing planets being destroy and being hurled from their orbits so much death and destruction had to stop.

Sue for her part now journeyed to see Alec and Claire to put them into the picture and to warn them of what was about to take place.  Alec was his usual self not all that pleased to see Sue for every time she appeared there was turmoil in their lives but Claire on the other hand was pleased in some way to see Sue almost like a lost friend and was deeply concerned for what was happening. Sue didn't stay that long with them for she knew she would be needed at some stage by Ramon and she deeply feared for his existence in the confrontation that was about to take place.

Sue arrived back just in time before Ramon was about to face the two brothers he did not look strong and he looked tired and drawn.  He told Sue that what ever happened she should observe and not to get involved with the struggle for Aleciamora and Clarona would need information as to what powers the brothers had gained and were using.  Sue had to try to spot any weaknesses that they may have and whether they can be used against them.

The confrontation had started and Ramon was skilful in using his powers driving the brothers back but this was part of their plan.  They had the upper hand forcing Ramon to use all of his powers continuously and weaken him.  Days were passing and there appeared to be no weaknesses on either side but Sue could see that Ramon was beginning to weaken but it was taking time.  Egesa then released such power as to push Ramon aside and Broga was released disappearing from their view with no trace.  Aleciamora, Clarona and Sue could not trace his wearabouts but the confrontation was still before them with Ramon weakening all the time.

Where was Broga? his hatred for those who had helped the gatherers brought him to Earth and he was seeking revenge and that revenge was to to focussed on Alec, Claire,Alecia and Clara.

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