I've never been back to "HIS" realm for quite a very as in a very long time.

It's still the same, still very quite, creepy and a sollitude. I'll never wonder why "HE" likes this kind of atmosphere/aura. I was walking towards the mansion, it looks so haunted but who cares I'm used to it. As I walk in the hallway I notice a lot of Hell Hounds gaurding the mansion and all of the maids, butlers, housekeeping and workers are pretty much dead as in ZOMBIE dead, and a bunch of lifeless souls.

"Hello ma'am what brings you here?" the zombie butler bowed and asked me.

"I came here to see F-father..." I wasn't used to saying "FATHER" and such. "Father wanted to talk to me I presume?"

"Ah yes, young lady shall go to his room."

"Thank you."

Well it's a pretty long walk so I better fly my way there. Yes, FLY because I have wings. I'm an ANGEL OF DEATH of course but take note only Soul/Death Weavers and The Terminators have wings.

Speaking, you might wonder why Ryx is my second in command Lieutenant if his a Scheduler, well let me explain while I fly.

I fluttered my wings, it was black and it totally matches my long curly black hair with silver streaks and my gothic look. I have neon sky blue eyes by the way.

So where were we again? Oh yes, I remember Ryx is my second in command because I have permission okay to make this a lot more clearer and non confusing state. I AM THE DAUGHTER OF THE GRIMM REAPER, yes ME that's why I'm always allowed in "HIS" realm and other stuff. Everyone calls the Grimm "father" because when I was little I could never say "father" instead I say "master" because that's what everyone said. But now that I'm a bit older, I could say "father" or "master" and so does everyone else, but I'm still not used to the whole "father-daughter" thingy. So anyway, how I become his "daughter"? That I really don't know, you should ask him that though cause I think that's a different story. So since I'm the Grimm's "daughter" I am allowed as usual to have my own team, a mix of different departments from Death Law Society. Actually I'm the head of all the deapartments of DLS, believe it or not. Yes, Erisa is the General but if this was a human world, I'm the heir to the throne and become the next leader of DLS. Actually The Grimm won't die, "HIS" already dead you know, "HE'LL" just give me the throne at the right time.

So I chose Joker as my first in command Lieutenant from our department the Soul/Death Weavers then Ryx as my second in command from the Scheduler department, I also have a third in command from The Terminator department. His the brother of Joker, not just any brother though. He is the TWIN brother of Joker, his name is Smoker. He is the identical twin of Joker, they both have silver hair but theres a difference between them. Joker's eyes is neon yellow while Smoker's eyes is neon purple, pretty cool huh? I think Smoker is a minute older than Joker, I have no idea. We don't have any memories from our past when we were still alive, remember. If Joker is silent and often serious, Smoker is much more the serious and very silent type. The twins aren't "opposite", only Ryx is the happy-go-lucky and carefree type from our gang. But we still hang out pretty much, they are all jamming. We are all emotionless by the way, everyone in DLS is emotionless.

I arrived at The Grimm's big chamber like room, I opened the door and notice him sitting in his favorite chair waiting for me to come closer to him. His long black cloak covering him and his face, the room was really dark. The only thing that could be seen from him is his skeleton face and body.

"Come my child. Come closer to your father." he said in a low deep voice. He sound as if he had choke something for a very long time, scratch that for eternity.

"Why do you wish to see me, father?" I bowed down to him.

"I have a special mission for you and your very own team my dear."

"What is it, father?"

"I want you to disguise yourselves as a normal high school teenager."

"W-what?" I was so shocked of what he just said.

"You heard me my dearest Shin. I want you to be human, you and your team."

"But what for father?"

"News have spread that Death Eaters have been disguising as humans. Taking little by little step in destroying the balance of the dead, eating and ripping off souls and humans." he said while clenching his fist tightly.

The Grimm Reaper's most hated enemy is the Death Eaters. Death Eaters are lifless and vicious souls trying to eat human and souls, they won't stop until everything is gone so that they can rule the world.

"You'll start tomorrow."

"As you wish father."

Before I could leave, two Hell Hounds rushed to greet me, they tackled me to the ground. Mind I tell you they are really heavy, they look like siberian huskies but are dead.

"Midnight! Dawn! Hush now!" he scolded.

The two hounds stopped tackling me and sit down. I on the other hand sat on the floor, I was covered in saliva. The two hounds run towards The Grimm, sitting on each side of him.

"Meet Midnight, your hell hound's father and Dawn your hell hound's mother." he said while caressing there head.

"Nice to meet you Night's parents, we'll I better get going father." I stand up and bowed down.

I left his chamber room, walked in the hallway all by myself, I kinda like the silence. That way I could think properly, I went to a mini garden, of course it was dark everywhere. The garden was filled with black roses, I picked one rose and held it in my hand, I didn't notice it was full of thorns and my hand was bleeding. I felt nothing, no pain or anything. Nothing at all.

"To be human again? What does that feel? To be human once again after a very long time, no for almost an eternity. What is it like to be a human being?" I thought to myself as I watch blood drips from my hand.

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