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Verse 1
Today waking up
I felt like shit
Because I know
What's going to be happening
I try to ignore it
But it's not a option

I know you have no sympathy
You don't feel my pain
In fact you find it funny

I'm just a joke
I'm just losing hope
I can't go on like this
I try to be strong
But I just lose my bliss
One day you'll see
What you are doing to me
Until then
I'll be dead

Verse 2
It's just a thing you do
You find it funny
But am I smiling
You chuck dirt in my face
I turn away
Trying to stop the tears

[hook and chorus]

Verse 3
I guess at the end of the day
I am the better person
But all I feel is pain
Eating my soul
I'll drown in my tears
And maybe in my fears
Yes I'll drown within my tears
Feel my fears

[hook and chorus]

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