Chapter 4

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"Congratulations!" everyone cheers as Leslie and I walk through the doors to the dance academy. "Thanks." we say. "When did you find out?" Christina asks. "Well technically two days ago." Leslie says. "Whose baby is it?" Ross asks. "Well actually it's my third baby with Niall." I say. "What!" everyone says shocked except for Leslie and One Direction (A/N okay I am going to call One Direction the guys even though there is a whole bunch of guys). "My baby's father is Chris." Leslie mutters. "What?!" choruses around the room. "Are we going to dance or what?" I ask trying to change the subject. "Not while you're pregnant." Gwen says and sits Leslie and I down. "I'm serious, Im fine." I say. "It's okay." Leslie says. "No you seriously." Indiana starts. "Need to sit down. You're." Louisiana says. "Pregnant." Indiana finishes. "You should sit down." Niall says. "I am dancing whether you like it or not." I say and stand in the front of the room. Once I go into the front of the room I vomit. "I can help you!" Louis yells. "No!" Niall and I yell in unison. I grab a chair and sit down. "I can give you the dance moves while sitting down." I say. The janitor cleans my vomit. "Thank you Marty." I say. "No problem." he says and walks out of the room. "Ok, Niall what dance moves are we doing?" I ask. "Well we are doing the rave." he says and fist pumps and jumps and does all these dance moves with jumping, hand gestures, and waving of hands. It's amusing. "Duddy doncing!" A baby voice yells. Then Damian and Destiny run up to us and start dancing. "Meet Damian and Destiny." I say. "You'we so paetty when you cwy, when you cwy, wasn't weady to heaw you say goodbye." Destiny sings and dances. "Go Destiny! Go Damian!" everyone yells. I get up and wiggle the twins. "Kids Pop!" Destiny lapse. I turn on kids pop and One Direction, What Makes You Beautiful comes on. "Cwank it up!" Damian says. I turn it up louder. "Go! Go!" Everyone cheers. The other two sets of twins go up and dance as well. Louisiana and Indiana, Chris and Christina, and Damian and Destiny. We all start break dancing except for Leslie and I.

Lets just say we had loads of fun!!!


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