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"Bye Belle! Bye Kaitlyn" Our dance teacher called, as we ran from the studio, late again.

"Come on Kaitlyn, we need to get back to mine, Jay is going to kill us!" I announce worriedly, looking at the clock.

"Belle it will be fine," She told me, rolling her eyes, I sighed resting my head against the seat of her car,

"You know what Jason is like. He's so damn protective." I mutter,

"Belle, stop! We will be back on time! Now, tell me, what are you wearing to the party?" She asked,

"I thought we had discussed this... I'm not going!" I tell her,

"Belle!" She whined, "You have to!"

"Why?" I moaned, "what's the big fuss? It's one party."

"It's not just any party! It's Jake Daniels party! Hottest guy in school!" She rolled her eyes, looking at me,

"Exactly. Jake Daniels!" I said loudly, "do you not remember? We dated, he cheated, and broke my heart. Never again. I hate the guy!"

"Oh come on! It was like last year!" She groaned, pulling to a stop.

"Why have we stopped?" I asked,

"We are not moving until you agree to come." She said stubbornly,

"Your joking right?" I ask annoyed,


"Fine! I'll go, now can we go? Lie I've told you I need to get home!" I say,

"Yay!" She squealed, starting the engine up, pulling forward.

Suddenly, something smashed into my side, and all I could hear was the screams and shouts of my name before I lost consciousness.

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