Liam- Realizes He Loves You (AU)

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Here is an AU Liam imagine. Enjoy 😘


| Your P.O.V |

It was a schoolday and our class was allowed to go outside in the parking lot for our 'recess.' I was walking with my friend, Marie when my best friend, Liam walks up to her and asks her out on a date. To be honest with you, I was a little hurt. I've been best friends with Liam ever since second grade and I have a massive crush on him. I remember the day we met.

| Flashback |

"Hey! That's my pencil!" A boy with brown eyes and brown hair said. "Sorry. But I don't have a pencil. Can I use this one?" I asked him sweetly. He sighed and took out another pencil for him to use. "Sure. You can use it but promise me one thing." "What do you want me to promise you?" I asked. "We have to be best friends forever." He stated holding up his pinkie for a promise. "Fine," I replied. "Pinkie promise." I said as we linked pinkies and smiled.

| Flashback Over |

We've been best friends ever since and we are in senior year of high school now. It was really awkward for me standing there because Marie knew how much I liked Liam, yet he was asking her out. She looked at me before awkwardly saying, "Look, Liam. You're a really sweet guy but I just can't. I'm sorry." He nodded understandingy and walked over to his friend Niall. I looked at her like she was crazy. "Why would you not want to go out with Liam?" I asked kind of shocked at her. "Umm. I couldn't date him, (Y/n). I know how much you like him. I couldn't do that to you." She said. "No, Marie. Go out with him. Just because I like him doesn't mean that you can't go out with him. Now on you go." I say as I push her towards Liam. "Marie would like to tell you something, Lili." He blushed when I called him 'Lili'. I don't know why but ever since I first called him that, he just blushes whenever I say it. I ignored it for know and pushed Marie closer to him. I winked at her, grabbed Niall, and walked away so they could talk in private. "Hey!" Niall whined. "Oh hush, Niall. Let them have some privacy." I said as I ruffled his hair. "Ohhhh. Okay. And don't touch the precious Irish locks. Well bye." He says as he walks away. I shake my head at Niall and watch as she talks with Liam and I hear her say, "Sure. I'll go on a date with you." He grins widely and hugs her. She hugs him back, turns around, and walks over to me. She stops infront of me and hugs me tightly while saying, "Thank you and I'm sorry, (Y/n). I really am." I hugged her back and said, "Don't apologize. It's okay. Have fun." I say as I smile half heartedly. She walks back to Liam and I hear him ask, "What did you apologize to (Y/n) for?" She sighed heavily and looked back at me. I slightly smiled at her and she says sighing again, "No reason." He nods and walks away with her slightly looking back at me. I wonder why he did that. I shook my head as if the thought was going to fade away and walked to my next class as the bell rang.

| 2:35pm |

Yes! School is over! It was such a long day for me. I was about to get my jacket when I heard my name being called. I turned around; my hair swishing in the process like in those hair commercials, and saw Liam walking toward me. "Yeah?" I asked grabbing my jacket and facing him. "Umm. Is it okay if I come over your house today? I need some help with something." He said scratching his muscular arm. He was wearing a tight white T-shirt and his muscles would flex without him even trying. I looked away from his arm and replied with, "Yeah sure. I was just about to walk home. Wanna walk with me now?" I notice his eyes light up and he said smiling, "Yeah. I'll walk with you. C'mon." He said leading the way to the main entrance of the school. "Woah. So down, Lili!" I yelled at him as he dragged me by my arm. Some people that walked by us smiled at us and shook their head saying something about 'adorable couples'. We both blushed and he just kept walking until we got outside. He opened the school doors for me and I blushed at how sweet he still is. Man! I'm a blushing maniac today! We walked home and I let him in my house. I dropped my bag on the floor and asked, "So what do you need help with?" "Oh. Umm. Yeah. I was wondering if you could help me with what I should do for the date." My heart clenched. He didn't want to spend time me. He just needed help for the date with Marie. "Oh yeah. Um. Take her to that new restaurant in town. I've heard it's great." I said as I walked upstairs. "Hey! Wait. Why are you going upstairs?" He asked running over to me. I sighed and said, "I'm tired, Li. I'm gonna have to ask you to leave. Sorry, Lili." He blushed and nodded. He hugged me while whispering, "Bye, (Y/n). I'll text you." He kissed my forehead before walking back downstairs. I felt so weak. I know you might think I'm an idiot feeling like this but I can't help it. I'm inlove and he's over here planning a date with my friend, Marie. I opened my bedroom door lazily as tears brimmed my eyes. I don't even know why I'm about to cry. I just feel so weak. I let myself fall on the bed and that's when the sobbing started. I fell asleep while crying and I woke up because I heard my phone go off from a notification. I tiredly got off my uncomfortable spot on my bed and grabbed my iPhone. I checked my notifications and noticed I had ten missed texts from none other than Liam. I entered my iMessage and read all the texts.

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