When Everything Goes Wrong

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Jordan Ashford is a normal girl. Ok well not really. She was a normal girl. At a young age she was taught to protect herself because of the threats from her father's past and her own mother. Her mother never really liked her and would favour her younger sister Olivia. When her father died everything in her life fell apart. He was the only one who truly cared for her.

With her father gone, no one was left to protect her from her moher. Gone was the tough, happy and funny girl. After months of enduring her mother's beating, she ran away. Being a helpless 12 year old girl out in the streets at night she was frightened no matter how brave her father trained her to be. As dark figures emerged from the shadows of a dark alley, it all became worse for her.

Will it ever turn right for her? Will the man named Christopher Archer be able to salvage what was left of that girl from the past? Or will everything just go wrong.

(Contains violence and stuff not really for children)

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