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Chapter 5

As soon as I got home. I felt relief I thought my first day of school was going to be awful. But I guessed wrong. I was greeted by Melissa she was like a mother to me. She would give me money , cars and freedom. It's not often you meet someone on an plane that would help you find your extended family and give you cars but some people are just too damn kind. Just then Melissa came in.

Melissa: How was school?

Me: It was good. But I got many stairs from people 

Melissa: I not suprised you look buff!

Me: (Laughs) Thanks

Melissa: So any boys

Me: (Laughs) I love the way you ask that

Melissa: So?

Me: Yeah four 

Melissa: Names

Me:  Trey, Jacob, Ray, Craig. But I think there is tension between Trey and Jacob

Melissa: Im not suprised they are probably in love

Me: What! No i dont think so.

Melissa: (Laughs) Well anything can happen 

Me: (Laughs) Funny!

Melissa: You wanna go shopping?

Me:  Sure

We made our way out of the house and into jaguar XE

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